This summer, the Chusy Haney-Jardine directed documentary “Gigante” will be hitting theaters. “Gigante” is a documentary that follows Torres through his daily routine as a professional athlete and how he handles performing at such a high level while living with ADHD.

Torres spent 10 years in the minor leagues fighting with himself to perform at a high level while trying to maintain focus on the game. And in 2007, he acknowledged the issue; three years later he won a MLB World Series.

Torres, now the center fielder for the New York Mets, is 34 years old and came to the United States from Puerto Rico.

To get a more in-depth look at ADHD and how it affects professional athletes, I spoke with local psychologist Dr. Silverman. He has worked with professional athletes and helping them deal with ADHD through different practices.

Whether it’s neurofeedback practices that measure brain performance and help focus the brain or basic ADHD medication, Dr. Silverman answers some of my questions about the types of symptoms to look for with ADHD and some of the many options to treat it.

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