Sunshine, well-groomed grass, cold drinks and plenty of interesting people — all found at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

I had been hearing about the Phoenix Open for as long as I can remember, but I never had a chance to see it for myself. This was my chance to finally dive in and enjoy the festivities.

As soon as I walked into the gate, I was greeted by a number of friendly vendors, all happy to give me a free sample of their product. There was everything from cheap pens to alcoholic ice cream. People were testing their skills on simulation golf games and others were looking through designer clothes.

As soon as I got enough swag to last me through the day, I continued on in search of some golf!

It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed taking in the scenery, the smell of food and all of the interesting people that had come to enjoy the weekend.

After a number of hours without shade, I was happy to see the sun begin to set, and I made my way over to the Birds Nest. Here the theme went from “leisure” to “let’s party!”

After a couple excellent cover bands, DJ Ronnie G took the stage to get everyone moving with his combination of dance music and a custom visual production.

After a full day and night of sightseeing and energetic dancing, I was very tired and very pleased with my stay at the Phoenix Open, as I’m sure the rest of my fellow attendees were as well.

Photos from the Waste Management Phoenix Open:

Phoenix Open

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