February 12, 2015

AZ Business Magazine

Gateway Golf Group launches new website

Gateway Golf Group, an industry leader in charity golf event management, fundraising and promotional products, announced the launch of their new website – www.gatewaygolfgroup.com.  This platform offers clients a single-vendor solution to effectively create, develop and manage successful, cost-effective golf events.

A turnkey solution for individuals, businesses, charities and non-profit organizations, the site offers a wide variety of options for all budgets. These include numerous pre-configured event management options, the company’s highly popular Pros Fore Charity and Super Ticket programs, as well as affordable options for golf course selection, unique tee-gifts, event websites, collateral pieces, signage, prizes and fundraising ideas.

“Customers can expect the new website to be quick, easy to navigate, and visually organized,” said Stacy Pray, managing partner of Gateway Golf Group. “Our experts can alleviate major headaches for tournament organizers by mapping out an end-to-end event plan, execute the many logistical tasks required to deliver a quality event, and measure event outcomes. We have successfully conducted more than 500 golf events and helped raise over a million dollars in charitable donations.”

Gateway Golf Group offers free consultations to new clients. Whether you’re a first-time golf tournament organizer or an experienced tournament chairperson, it can be a challenging task to make the best use of your time, meet financial goals and organize a successful golf tournament. Visit www.gatewaygolfgroup.com to learn more about their services or schedule an appointment.

You can also stay involved with Gateway Golf Group by connecting with one of their social media outlets: Facebook (www.facebook.com/gatewaygolfgroup), Twitter (twitter.com/GatewayGolfGrp), & Instagram (GatewayGolfGroup).