Voter turn-out is a constant issue with every political campaign, but is looking to do something to change that.

By educating its visitors on a local and national level, GoVote looks to positively impact the voter turnout for the 2012 presidential elections.

While based in Arizona, GoVote has contributors to the website from all over the country; they are also made up of contributors from all over the political spectrum.

By doing this, GoVote aims to continue to educate its visitors in an unbiased manner.

But if you want to hear some of this from television or radio, GoVote can provide you with that as well. The website hosts links to all local and national media outlets (columnists, blogs, television and radio), so visitors can search through all their possible sources of information.

Another feature of GoVote that is new to a politically-charged website is its ad campaign. Its “innovative platform for political ad spending” allows everyday citizens like you or me to post ads on their website in favor or against any certain candidate. And once you do so, your ad is personally sent to the candidate to see.

Constantly growing, GoVote currently has about 2,000 members and was able to raise $1 million from investors within its first year. PodcastI had the privilege of speaking with Brad Anderson, GoVote’s director of state public relations, for this week’s new podcast. Anderson was the former intern to former U.S. Senator Robert Bennett and has worked on multiple campaigns across the country as well.

GoVote is free to sign up for, and you are able to create your own personal page to bookmark the information you want to have handily available.

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