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Parsons Xtreme Golf arrives on PGA Tour

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) has officially arrived on the PGA Tour. PXG, which designs and develops high-performance golf clubs using premium alloys and patented technology, announced that it has signed an equipment endorsement deal with PGA Tour Champion Ryan Moore. This is the first PGA Tour endorsement deal for the industry newcomer.

The company first made headlines when Moore appeared at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions with a set of PXG 03x irons in his bag. PXG had invited Moore to provide feedback on the look, feel and playability of its clubs during development. Moore, who was not tied to an equipment deal at the time, later asked to play the irons in the tournament.​

“I have never felt like I needed an equipment deal,” said Moore, who is well-known for doing things his own way. “My preference has always been to play the clubs that deliver the best results, which is why I started the 2015 season without a contract. After having a great few months on the course and achieving notable performance gains with PXG clubs in my bag, the option of extending my relationship with Parsons Xtreme Golf felt like a natural progression.”

“Ryan’s early adoption of PXG equipment and drive to play the very best golf he can makes him an ideal first partner,” said . “I couldn’t more pleased to welcome Ryan to our team.”

Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Parsons recruited top talent to develop the unique technology behind the easily recognizable clubs. Joining Parsons in his venture are Mike Nicolette, who competed on the PGA Tour for nearly a decade, and Brad Schweigert, who holds more than 150 golf-related patents. 

“As a former PGA Tour player I understand how important it is to have the right clubs in your bag,” said PXG Director Mike Nicolette. “As a veteran designer I know how difficult it is to develop products that truly separate themselves from the pack. Parsons Xtreme Golf builds clubs that discerning players want in their bag – clubs that look, feel and perform better than anything on the market.”

“PXG irons are very special,” added Managing Director Brad Schweigert. “The proprietary technology is one of the most innovative concepts to ever hit the market in the iron category. The extremely thin faced construction coupled with a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer core supports performance gains greater than a similar-sized cavity-back in both distance and forgiveness.”

PXG has developed a sophisticated manufacturing process for its irons that includes forging, high precision CNC milling, robotic plasma face welding and injection molding. High density tungsten alloy screws, which create the irons’ signature look, are the foundation for a one-of-a-kind weighting system.

Similar to the irons, but leveraging 16 screws versus 11, PXG’s driver uses moveable weight technology to enable every club to be strategically fitted for an individual. To date, Parsons Xtreme Golf has been awarded seven patents on its proprietary high performance designs and has over 40 additional patents pending.

An official release date for PXG clubs has not been set, but the company expects them to be available for purchase in late summer 2015.

“Parsons Xtreme Golf was founded with the sole intent to design and develop the finest golf clubs ever made – I believe that is exactly what we have accomplished,” Parsons stated. “Ryan’s endorsement of our products gives testament to the quality of our equipment and I look forward to seeing the clubs in play in the hands of other professionals in the near future.”

For more information about Parsons Xtreme Golf visit, www.PXG.com.