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Tempe App Developer Launches Golf GPS

Tempe-based mobile app developer Shotzoom, the world leader in mobile golf GPS and instruction apps since 2009, with more than 1.5 million active users worldwide, announces the launch of Golfshot: Golf GPS with Golfshot Pro and “Tips and Drills” in-app upgrade options for iOS and Android. The app is available in 12 languages and may be downloaded in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Golfshot: Golf GPS is a free app that takes on-course management and shot performance to a whole new level. Golfshot: Golf GPS offers unparalleled features such as real-time GPS distances to the green and aerial 3D flyovers of each hole so that golfers can plot their way around the course. Golfshot features and benefits don’t end there, as Golfshot Pro subscribers gain access to incredible features, such as personal club recommendations, for an easier more enjoyable golfing experience. “Tips and Drills” subscribers haveadynamic coaching feature with the most complete and up-to-date lesson library, including 175+ videos from TOURAcademy Instructors. As a forthcoming upgrade, the “Tips and Drills” feature will also use personally recorded statistics to identify and customize tutorial recommendations based on poor playing habits and the user’s skill level.

“The all new Golfshot app represents the culmination of over 5 years’ experience in developing golf mobile apps designed to improve golfers scores and their enjoyment of the game” said Ben Addoms, President of Shotzoom.

All Golfshot: Golf GPS downloads will include a free one-week trial to Golfshot Pro. To continue advanced features, subscriptions are available following the trial period.


Golfshot: Golf GPS (Free):
· Real-time GPS distances to the green on 500,000+ golf holes and 41,000+ courses worldwide
· 3D flyover previews of each hole to help with course strategy
· Ability to track distances in real time for each shot
· Easy-to-use scorecard that allows you to keep score for yourself or entire foursome
· Ability to track fairways hit, greens hit in regulation (GIR), putts per hole, and other vital user stats
· Unique sharing feature that allows you to share scorecards and photos
· NEW! The latest golf news and offers, both on your app and in our weekly newsletter, “The Pin Sheet”

Golfshot Pro ($29.99/year or $4.99/month):
· All Golfshot: Golf GPS features
· Interactive real-time distances to all hazards and targets on 500,000+ golf holes
· Personalized club recommendations (based on past performance) of each hole displayed on 3D flyovers
· Ability to zoom in on a target to plan your shots better and save strokes
· NEW! Scoring for Skins, Nassau, Match Play and other games

Golfshot “Tips and Drills” In-App Purchase ($9.99/year or $1.99/month):
· On-demand access to 175+ instruction videos from certified TOURAcademy Instructors
· Available with Golfshot: Golf GPS and Golfshot Pro

Golfshot: Golf GPS, Golfshot Pro and “Tips and Drills” are available in 12 languages and are available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Annual Pro membership includes a six-month subscription toGolfweek, a $20 gift card from GlobalGolf, and great deals from other leading golf companies.