Sometimes it is easy to develop a business idea, but actually starting up the business and eventually making it a successful, profitable entity is not very easy. Many start-ups end up failing within the first five years. It does not necessarily mean that all businesses are doomed to fail. If one does their research well and can create a niche for themselves, know how to navigate the tax system, and be patient, they are bound to succeed. Canada has quite a number of successful people in the business world. The following are among Canada’s leading business executives:

Robin St Martin

He is a philanthropist, business strategist, industry innovator, and Canada’s leading business executive. St Martin founded a security company in 1994, Iron Horse Security, which he started from humble beginnings and led to a new innovative territory. It is one of the most recognized security firms in Canada and has grown to be one of the leading employers. Over the years, no company in Canada has received as many awards or accolades as Iron Horse Security.

Heather Reisman

She was born in Montreal and educated as a social worker. She is a Canadian Businesswoman and philanthropist and one of the only two Canadian committee members of the Bilderberg Group. She attends top-secret meetings and also gets to decide who among the world’s richest get to attend. She is the CEO and founder of a leading book store chain called Indigo Books and Music. She is possibly the most powerful and influential person in the Canadian book industry.

Frank MC Kenna

He is the deputy director of Toronto Dominion Bank Group in Canada, the chairperson of Brookfield Asset Management, a board member at Canadian Natural Resources, a former Canadian ambassador to the United States, and a former politician. He carries with him rich knowledge in business and public relations, and his opinions are taken seriously. He owns eight honorary doctorates and two universities named after him.

Jim Leech

He is the CEO of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, one of the world’s largest plans. The teachers’ plan had had a bad year in 2008. It had lost almost $20 billion. He skillfully brought the pension plan back on its feet, and it recorded a 13% return increasing its assets to $130 billion. Thanks to Jim Leech, teachers now have a competitive edge. They can directly compete with buyout firms. He calls this “a new brand of financial institution.”

Canada is known for its hospitality and cosmopolitan nature. The country envelopes some of the top business executives taking the world by the storm. The compilation above includes top executives globally, making a difference in several areas. They are among the business executives who are a beacon of hope to the youth and society.