Today, Salt River Project recognized ‘Champions of Energy Efficiency’ in the business community. Companies that go above and beyond to conserve and be more sustainable. SRP hosted its seventh annual Champions of Energy Efficiency Awards online.

The event highlighted outstanding participants in SRP’s Business Solutions rebate programs, which are designed to conserve precious resources through innovation, creativity and partnerships. SRP honored 13 sustainability standouts for their commitment to energy efficiency and the environment.

“As a community-based, not-for-profit, SRP is deeply committed to providing sustainable, reliable and affordable water and energy to our customers and the community,” said Jim Pratt, SRP associate general manager of Customer Operations and chief customer executive. “From water management to reliable power, SRP offers resources to help companies – of all sizes – meet and surpass their sustainability goals, lower energy costs and prepare for the future by embracing innovation.”

By partnering with the community, SRP surpassed its energy efficiency goals for a ninth consecutive year. In the last year, the programs for both residential and commercial customers provided annual energy savings equal to 2.09 percent of SRP’s retail energy requirements. That resulted in a savings of 641,058 megawatt-hours, which is equivalent to powering more than 36,000 homes for one year.

To learn how businesses in SRP territory can save energy and money, contact an SRP Strategic Energy manager at (602) 236-8833 or visit

2020 Champions of Energy Efficiency Award Winners:

Excellence in Innovation: The award recognizes an organization that has made strides in achieving excellence through smart technology and incorporated innovation from the ground up.

Banner Health: Banner Health has a continued focus on energy conservation and the benefits of reducing its carbon footprint. The non-profit health system spends upwards of $30 million per year in energy costs to operate its acute medical centers. Banner Health embarked on a multi-year journey to minimize the impact of inflation and increased demand through its Remote Operations Center, which optimizes the sequence of operations using technologies, real-time monitoring and a partnership with its designated SRP Strategic Energy Manager. It saved more than five-million kilowatt hours and reduced its peak demand by 862 kilowatts. The reduction in operational costs has allowed Banner Health to further invest in its infrastructure for its patients.

Fellowship Square Mesa: By participating in SRP’s Business Solutions rebate programs, the not-for-profit Christian-care community reduced the cost of its utility bill, saved more than 608,000 kilowatt hours and reduced its peak demand by .30 kilowatts, which is the equivalent of powering 47 valley homes in one year. The executive director of the senior living community says they now use 30 percent less electricity and have new light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs that are 30 percent brighter.

Excellence in Sustainability: SRP set aggressive measures to reach its 2035 sustainability goals. The award features partnerships with vital organizations to help our communities become more sustainable. upgraded two of its Phoenix area locations utilizing SRP’s Standard Business Solutions rebate programs and maximized operational efficiency, sustainability and profitability. By upgrading its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) assets, reduced the potential for costly downtime and emergency replacement. saved more than 3.6 million kilowatt hours and reduce its peak demand by 187 kilowatts, which is the equivalent to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of 561 vehicles in one year.

Municipality Partner of the Year: SRP values partnerships with all the municipalities in its service territory. It is vital to work together to provide energy-efficiency solutions so residents and businesses can thrive. Communities depend on these partnerships and look to them as examples of how sustainability is interdependent.

City of Mesa: The City of Mesa prides itself on providing superior services to its residents and is always seeking ways to save money and be more innovative and efficient. The mayor says they have been strategic in benefiting from and participating in SRP’s rebate programs and most recently updated lighting and air conditioning equipment at community buildings and fire stations. The city saved more than 692,000 kilowatt hours and reduced its peak demand by 108 kilowatts. The City of Mesa has a longstanding partnership with SRP to make city buildings more efficient and sustainable.

Outstanding Achievement: 

Honors businesses that excel in implementing energy-efficient technologies in their facilities to achieve among the highest energy savings compared to similar sized and types of businesses or organizations.

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church: Last year, Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church prioritized ways to conserve energy and benefit from cost savings. The church replaced existing fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LEDs, which resulted in lower monthly electric bills. Additionally, it replaced outdated thermostats with smart technology. The minor adjustments saved Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church 41,724 kilowatt-hours and reduced its peak demand by 10 kilowatts, which is enough energy to power three valley homes for an entire year.

Roosevelt School District No. 66: Two years ago, the Roosevelt School District strategically implemented an energy reduction program and updated lighting, plumbing and commodes as its first phase. The second phase included the construction of solar panels on each of the district’s 21 sites and is already seeing improvements in energy reduction across the district. The projects collectively saved Roosevelt School District more than 3.1 million kilowatt hours and reduced its peak demand by 784,000 kilowatts, which is equivalent to reducing greenhouse emissions from 483 passenger vehicles or enough energy to power 243 valley homes in a year. Now that’s good math.

Outstanding Achievement in Electric Technology: 

Honors businesses that excel in implementing energy-efficient or electrification technologies in their facilities to achieve among the highest energy savings and emissions reduction compared to similar sized and types of businesses or organizations.

dormakaba USA Inc.: dormakaba USA Inc. recently doubled its manufacturing capabilities in Phoenix by moving into a new facility. The access control and security solutions company received SRP’s inaugural award for its electric technology project, which transitioned to electric process equipment and reduced its net greenhouse gas emissions by 315,261 pounds per year.

Outstanding Achievement in New Construction: The award recognizes a new construction project that has achieved outstanding efficiency from the ground up.

Desert Diamond Casino West Valley: The new Desert Diamond Casino in Glendale is the culmination of many years of effort by the Tohono O’odham Nation and its Gaming Enterprise to create a brighter future for the Nation and Arizona. The values of the Nation and the Enterprise are reflected in its construction, including stewardship of the land that the Tohono O’odham have inhabited for thousands of years. From the start, it was important that the project take an environmentally conscious approach through energy efficiency and use of sustainable materials. With a savings of more than 3.5 million kilowatt-hours, the Desert Diamond Casino West Valley reduced its peak demand by 271 kilowatts, which is enough energy to power 274 homes per year and equivalent to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from 544 vehicles.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency: 

Recognizes businesses that have saved the highest percentage of energy based on their annual usage.

Ascension Roman Catholic Parish in Fountain Hills: Ascension Roman Catholic Parish proves that no improvement is too small to yield big gains. The Parish is an SRP 2020 Outstanding Energy Efficiency award winner for saving more than 44,000 kilowatt hours and reducing its peak demand by 8.2 kilowatts, which is enough energy to power three homes for an entire year. The parish upgraded to efficient lighting technology by implementing a LED retrofit project and installing smart thermostats.

QuikTrip Corporation: At QuikTrip, environmental sustainability is interwoven into everyday business decisions and practices. Through the refrigeration and lighting upgrades it implemented, QuikTrip Corporation saved more than 965,000 kilowatt hours this year and reduced its peak demand by 136 kilowatts, which is enough energy to provide power to 74 homes and equivalent to removing 147 cars from the road.

PAC Worldwide: PAC Worldwide is serious about sustainability. When it expanded its local operations to Phoenix it added more production equipment and wanted to be as efficient as possible. During the expansion, it was a priority to use energy-efficient lighting and HVAC equipment for its 24/7 operation, which uses a significant amount of power. PAC Worldwide knew it could achieve sustainability goals through energy efficiency at its plant and sought to find green options to achieve company goals. PAC Worldwide saved more than 23 million kilowatt hours and reduced its peak demand by 466 kilowatts, which is enough to power 180 homes and equivalent to removing 357 cars from the road.

Peak Reduction Award: The award recognizes the SRP Business Solutions Program participant and project that delivered the highest peak-demand savings of all projects submitted.

Tolleson Union High School District #14: The Governing Board of the Tolleson Union High School District continually partners with SRP to make projects more affordable, evaluate emerging technologies and reduce its carbon footprint. The district converted buses from diesel to propane, upgraded to LED lighting and improved HVAC systems, along with several other increased efficiencies. It implemented a long-term strategy to reduce energy consumption by strategically investing in capital upgrades and the expenses will be offset by rebates, reduced maintenance and reduced energy costs. In the future, the district plans to implement solar and convert its bus fleet to electric. Tolleson Union High School District saved more than 4.6 million kilowatt hours and reduced its peak demand by 1,267 kilowatts, which is enough to power 358 homes. School leaders say students are witnessing the district’s commitment to energy efficiency and learning lasting and invaluable life lessons to conserve and be green.

Sustained Excellence: 

The award honors companies for an ongoing commitment to energy efficiency. By leveraging the SRP rebate program year after year, these organizations build on their successes and accomplishments and continue to push sustainability into the future.

Albertsons Companies, Inc.: The American grocery company is committed to integrating sustainability into its everyday business decisions to enable employees, customers and stakeholders to create better lives, vibrant neighborhoods and a healthier planet. Some of its initiatives focus on giving back to the community it serves, while others concentrate on reducing the amount of natural resources it uses such as the energy-reduction projects in its Arizona stores. Albertsons Companies, Inc. saved more than 11-million kilowatt hours and reduced its peak demand by 1,567 kilowatts, which is enough to power 883 homes.

SRP’s energy efficiency programs are a major component to the success of SRP’s Sustainable Portfolio and 2035 Sustainability Goals,, because decreasing energy use also helps reduce emissions and saves money by deferring the need for future additional energy generation.