HMA Public Relations, a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the largest international networks of independent public relations agencies, announced today the results of a worldwide media survey that finds increasing pressure on reporters to produce multimedia stories and perform well on social media.

The survey, which polled reporters from around the globe, including several from Arizona, offers CEOs and business leaders new details into the research that goes into reporters’ vetting process when considering interview sources.

“PRGN’s goal was to give our members and their clients the most up-to-date understanding of how reporters and bloggers go about their jobs and consider their sources,” said Christina Rytter, president of PRGN and founder of Copenhagen, Denmark-based Scandinavian Communications. “As a result, agencies can better prepare our clients by giving them a broader appreciation for the pressures and processes that media professionals face on a daily basis.” 

With more than 110 respondents to each question, the survey analyzes how media professionals vet CEOs prior to, and during, an interview to determine their story-worthiness. The survey also asks members of the survey pool to assess how their reporting responsibilities – print, audio, video, social media, etc. – have changed compared to two years ago.

“There is a great deal of added pressure on media professionals to not only prepare content for the primary news outlet, but must also populate additional channels such as blogs and social media sites,” said Scott Hanson, president of HMA Public Relations. “Reporters rely on PR agencies and their clients as resources and as such we must work with our clients to be media savvy across a variety of channels as well.”

“As PR practitioners, we certainly have anecdotal evidence and experiential knowledge of how these factors impact the success of our clients. We also recognize that quantifiable data is ‘king’ when it comes to supporting opinions,” said Leeza Hoyt, president of PRGN’s Los Angeles agency The Hoyt Organization, Inc., which designed the survey and coordinated its implementation with the network’s more than 50 members.