5 things to ask a custom cable assemblies supplier before hiring

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Are you in desperate need for a custom cable supplier for your project? If so, then you need to read this prior to making any decisions on who to hire for the job.

A custom cable assemblies supplier is someone who installs custom cable equipment and wiring into an individual’s house based on their needs. Although trusting the customs cable assemblies supplier completely with your home’s electronic system may seem self-explanatory, it is often hard to do.

To ensure that you are safe and have no issues with the cable equipment that the customs cable assemblies supplier installs in your room, we’re going to go over five key things you should ask your custom cable manufacturer prior to letting him or her work on your house.

Get ready to be knowledgeable on all things cable!

Custom Cable Assemblies Supplier Question #1: What Is the Cost of the Cable Equipment?

Although an obvious question, it is one that many people forget to ask until it is too late. Most cable supplier companies have quotes that they give out. For example, the cost and quote of a 1,000 wire would be slightly less than that of a 2,000 wire and even lesser than a 5,000 wire.

2. Does the Customs Cable Supplier Have My Specific Wire and Technical Needs, and If So, Where?

Prior to meeting a custom cable supplier for your project, you need to make sure that you understand what your production line and wire inventory need. You also need to know how your production line and wire inventory operate.

Once you establish the needs of your production line and wire inventory, you can assess if the custom cable assembly manufacturer you are meeting with can fix your problems. Always knowing what your custom cable’s needs are, helps ensure that you immediately meet all your technical requirements. Once your cable manufacturer realizes what your needs are as well, he or she will even make suggestions on what to purchase to improve your system.

3. What Is Your Design Process? What Are the Previous Designs?

It is important that your custom cable assembly designer understands the previous designs of the custom cable assemblies. That way he or she can make suggestions on what materials and techniques to use during the installation process.

You can then also talk to your manufacturer about the quality, cost, and performance of your existing cable. If this is your first assemblies design, you do not need to discuss how to improve on previous designs.

4. What Are Your Safety Requirements? 

The processes of a respected custom assembly manufacturer should comply with custom cables safety regulations and standards. To further ensure that you meet safety standards, discuss any special cable assembly requirements prior to designing the custom cable. During the design phase, you should also take into consideration the environmental conditions that the cables are going to have to withstand. 

Things like high levels of moisture, heat, and cold are safety concerns. Even environmental factors like being around many germs at a hospital are possible safety threats. If you have a high enough level of cable equipment, quality should also be a concern of yours.

One custom cable quality control test is crimp compacting. People use crimp compacting to measure the height to width ratio of the cable wire after it’s been crimped. This ensures that the wire was not crimped too much or too little.

Another quality control test for custom cable is a pull test. A pull test determines how much force the end of a cable wire can take. You can even test custom cable assembly in a lab to see if it can handle any harsh conditions that it will have to go through.

5. Can the Custom Cables Manufacturer Custom Package and Ship Materials?

Custom packaging and shipping reduces the likelihood of products breaking. It also saves time in manufacturing and reduces knots and tangles. Thus, asking for a custom package and shipping is a valid and important question to ask your custom cable manufacturer. 

The Value of Communication

Communicating with your custom cable assemblies supplier and manufacturer is key to getting quality custom cable assembly equipment. To ensure that you have an open line of communication with your custom cable supplier and manufacturer, ask them how they would like to be communicated with, email, phone, etc.

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