Students now have the power to stop bullying in the palm of their hands.

Raadr, Inc., a social media monitoring service based in Phoenix, announced its newest iOS app, BullyRAADR, has been approved by Apple.

Raadr alerts subscribers whenever selected categories of keywords – such as bullying, drugs or sex, for example – are detected on a specific child’s social media feeds. Raadr uses an artificially intelligent proprietary web-based application to achieve these results.

This is the second full-featured child protection application the company has on Apple’s app store for iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPods and iPads. The first app the company launched was geared toward parents to help them monitor their children’s online activity for red flags. BullyRAADR is geared toward children, as it will allow them to directly report bullying incidents to school officials and parents alike.

“Accountability is important when it comes to prevention,” says CEO Raadr Jacob DiMartino. “Giving children the ability to directly document and report the situations can help drastically reduce the amount of bullying in our schools and community as a whole.”

The application will initially allow students to record videos up to one-minute-long, upload pictures, and send in written reports to school officials for review. With documentation backing claims, school officials will be able to take action against bullying in their systems.

The company has already received a great deal of attention from school districts across the country. More features, including incident analytics through aggregate data, social media reporting, and law enforcement connections have been planned for the future.

iPhone and iPad users can download the app on the App Store.