Arizona-based STAX3D is leading the charge for advancing 3D printing technology to businesses as the company announces delivery of the first line of metal 3D printers from partner and manufacturer Markforged this week. Just four years after being founded, STAX3D introduces the Metal X: Markforged’s first metal 3D printer. By printing metal powder bound in a plastic matrix, the Metal X has eliminated the safety risks associated with traditional metal 3D printing, while enabling new features like closed-cell infill for reduced part weight and cost.

“Our passion is sharing advanced technologies with businesses to decrease costs and create new opportunities for growth,” says STAX3D CEO, Jason Yocum. “This is an exciting time for innovators in the Southwest US, and we’re proud to be guiding the conversation around additive manufacturing.”

The Metal X employs Markforged’s Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process which requires parts to be sintered in a furnace after printing. The Metal X printer boasts a fully enclosed build chamber, ultra-quiet motion system and environmentally controlled material storage, making it perfect for the office or the factory floor. Currently, aluminum, tool steel, and titanium are printing materials being used in beta.

Greg Mark, founder and CEO of Markforged, comments “Markforged systems, such as the Metal X, are changing the way businesses produce strong parts while dramatically impacting the delivery times, cost and supply chain logistics.”

STAX3D doesn’t just deliver 3D printers to businesses, they offer on-site training, accessories and service support for businesses as well. Technical experts at STAX3D host an unboxing day for each business that orders 3D printers. In the case of the Metal X, this day turns into a full week of installation, training, and empowerment. During the knowledge transfer, the STAX3D experts train business teams to master the metal 3D printer which uses cloud-based printer management software and a built-in touchscreen interface.

As the premier distributor of Metal X printers in the Southwest US, STAX3D invites businesses and the community to see the metal 3D printer in action at their headquarters in Gilbert, AZ or online at