Tempe-based VirTra, Inc. (OTCQX: VTSI), a tech firm that trains law enforcement agencies use of force techniques and firearms with simulators, was awarded a $2.1 million contract with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

VirTra, the sole provider under this award, will supply, install and maintain multiple units of its industry leading multi-screen V-300 judgmental use-of-force simulator in seven training academy locations throughout the state.

The contract is being funded by the Arizona State Legislature and administered by the Department of Public Safety with the intent to serve all law enforcement agencies within the state.

The V-300 system employs realistic video training content and an electric impulse return fire system to simulate the stress of real-world situations.  Using VirTra’s highly-advanced systems, law enforcement officers are better prepared for hostile situations with skills honed and refined in realistic scenarios before lives are on the line.

“It is an honor to add the Arizona Department of Public Safety to our expanding list of large and prominent law enforcement agencies using VirTra’s industry leading training simulators,” said Bob Ferris, chairman and CEO of VirTra.

Ferris said his firm has been working for over 12 years to provide effective and realistic use of force and accurate marksmanship simulators to law enforcement.