Between 2014 and 2016, AT&T expanded its wireless and wired network coverage across Arizona through a nearly $575 million investment, according to an announcement released on Tuesday.

The investment over the past few years is just the tip of the iceberg. AT&T plans to continue more investment into Arizona as the company plans to prepare network upgrades for 5G technology in the coming years.

Through AT&T’s $575 million investment, AT&T boosted service reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for Arizona businesses and consumers, AT&T states.

The company made 1,040 wireless network upgrades to Arizona in 2016 alone. New cell sites were added and network capacity to existing cell sites was increased.

The investments AT&T made over the past few years increased services public safety and first responders utilize.

In AT&T’s announcement, the service provider credits Gov. Doug Ducey and the state legislator for passing legislation that encourages further wireless infrastructure investment in the state.

“Thanks to Governor Ducey signing legislation that encourages companies to invest more in wireless infrastructure, AT&T is accelerating its wireless buildout plans in Arizona with tens of millions of dollars dedicated to mobile network enhancements in the state,” said Jerry Fuentes, president of AT&T Arizona. “This investment will include next-generation upgrades that will pave the path to 5G mobile services in the years ahead.”

In late March, the Arizona Legislature passed HB 2365, which created a streamlined process for companies like AT&T to start investing into the infrastructure needed to deploy future 5G technology and enhance current 4G LTE offerings in the state.

Some of these investments were tied to large events Arizona has hosted in recent years such as the NCAA Men’s Final Four and the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

For the Final Four tournament, which was hosted in March, AT&T added wireless capacity to the University of Phoenix Stadium and the Phoenix Convention Center.

Also, mobile cell sites were added to the Scottsdale area during the Phoenix Open.