When Tom Yost in El Mirage found his 8 year old computer getting “crankier and slower” he contacted a Chandler based company for help.

Within days he had a customized laptop delivered to him, complete with a tutorial on the model he had purchased, by a Valley brother and sister tech team.

Ironman Refurbished Business Computers (IRBC) was founded by Ken Chan and his sister Linda in 2011 when the technology teachers kept getting asked for low cost PC’s.

According to Linda Chan, “We had the idea to refurbish used computers because they were lower in cost than newer models but work just as well.”

Focusing on top rated business grade Dell and HP models due to their reliability, the two began repurposing and customizing laptops and desktops and now sell over 150 units per month to a combination of seniors, families, businesses and schools throughout the Valley and nationwide.

The discounted PC’s come with a 1 year limited warranty, lifetime technical support and delivery is free throughout the Valley on orders over $50.

Tom Yost says, “This is the second laptop we have purchased from IRBC. Peggy was so happy with hers I purchased one to replace my old computer. The customer service is exceptional and they even explain what is on the computer so we know how to use it properly. “

Ken and Linda Chan believe that IRBC’s success is due to the quality of their products and their customer service model. Customers can call or text the company for available laptops and desktops or order from its website.

Customers can pick up their order by appointment at IRBC’s Chandler warehouse or have them delivered for no charge at a location convenient to them. Standard shipping is free on orders over $50 throughout the U.S. Prices start at $249 and bulk sales are available.