Cox Communications demonstrated more than 50 technologies and services that will help aging adults stay in their own homes, while staying connected to their doctors, caregivers, family and friends. The event was hosted at P.B. Bell’s brand-new luxury apartments, The Curve at Melrose, located in the vibrant Central Phoenix area, which is attracting millennials, young professionals and empty nesters looking to relocate closer to arts, restaurants and public transportation.

“We were more than happy to partner with Cox Communications and host their Cox Smart Home tech at our newest luxury apartments,” said R. Chapin Bell, CEO of of P.B. Bell. “Smart home technology is now becoming an asset to residents of all ages.”

More than 85 devices were demonstrated showing how aging in place is changing thanks to technologies that give seniors the ability to “age in place” while enjoying quality of life at home. Almost 90 percent of adults over the age of 65 prefer growing old in their current home instead of moving to an assisted living facility.

The aptly named “Connected Independence” home demonstrated how internet-enabled devices give seniors the ability to live independently while adult children can have peace of mind that their aging parent is safe. Many of the devices featured in the Connected Independence Smart Home can also be helpful for 1-in-3 households with someone who self-identifies as having a disability. 

“Smart home technology helps many families avoid the wrenching decision to move an aging parent to an assisted living facility, and provides reassurance that their loved one is safe,” said John Wolfe, senior vice president and southwest region manager for Cox Communications. “A connected home ensures seniors can get the things they need in their daily routine while maintaining the quality of life at home.”

The Connected Independence home featured smart devices including:

• Telehealth technology that allows patients to have live, personal interaction with doctors via video conference while at home. This technology relieves patients from travel to a medical facility for every consultation.

• Extensive home automation and security features, including the ability to see who is at the front door and lock and unlock doors remotely through Cox Homelife, making it easier for seniors to let visitors and caregivers in and out of the home safely. 

• A pill dispenser that provides audible and visual alerts up to 30 minutes when pills are scheduled to be taken.

• An automatic pet feeder controlled through an app.

• A smart toothbrush that reports brushing habits and provides oral health advice through an app.

• Amazon Dash buttons, which allow seniors to order products to be delivered to their door at the push of a button.

• Amazon Kindle, giving users access to a vast library of books at their fingertips.

• A voice-activated TV remote control, giving seniors the ability to find their favorite shows without pressing buttons or navigating through menus.

A reliable high-speed internet is critical for all of these potentially life-changing services to work properly. By connecting healthcare providers, caregivers, and families to innovative care services through the smart home environment, families can prolong quality of life at home and lower healthcare costs without sacrificing peace of mind.