No matter how many features your app offer or how simple and easy to use interface it has, if you are not spending enough time and efforts on its promotion, you can get more downloads for it. In this huge app landscape and competition on both Google play store and Apple play store, it is very challenging to convince user that your app is worth downloading. As there are more than 2 million apps available on different app platforms, getting your app in front of more users is tough without having a proven marketing strategy.

In this article, you can find a few vital promotional techniques and creative ways to promote your app for increasing the number of users for it.

Get Your App Store Optimization (ASO) Better

App store optimization or ASO is the SEO for a mobile app to increase its visibility in the different app stores to grab the attention of more users. It is the process of optimizing several aspects of the app such as title, description, screenshots and keywords, etc. according to the latest trends and requirements of the app stores to make sure it will appear in more searches. When App Store Optimization for an app is performed properly, more users are able to find your app during the search and the number of organic downloads increase incredibly. ASO is becoming an integral part of marketing campaigns developed for mobile apps, but still, it is unused by many marketers and business owners. If you are not doing so for your app, then it is the right time to get started for better outcomes.

Ask Users to Rate & Review your App

Having more positive reviews and ratings for your app encourages potential users to download. Moreover, apps with higher reviews and ratings are more likely to appear on the top in relevant searches. That’s why you should be asking (without making them angry) your users to review and rate your app to help you rank higher in app stores. You should avoid paid reviews and ratings as they can have a negative impact on your app ranking instead of making it appear in more searches. Push notifications and pop-ups are the best ideas to ask users for app reviews.

Make Your App Screenshots Great

Before downloading an app, users usually check for its visuals (UI screenshots or demo videos). That is the reason, you should take the right and easily understandable screenshots of the app as these can play a vital role in ASO process. Many app owners ignore this step and got a few downloads. When users are aware of the app features, options and UI, they are better able to make a final decision regarding downloading of the app. Before uploading screenshots or other visuals along with your app, make sure to rename with the app name and target keywords to increase the visibility of your app in app stores.

Indexing app in Firebase

App developers and owners must index their apps in Firebase as it allows both Android and iOS users to search for dynamic content in an application. Firebase app indexing is a great way to enhance app user engagement and to get more downloads for a recently developed app. As it enables the users to search for the contents of the app whether installed or not, it could be the best app marketing technique to get more downloads for it.

Make it freemium

Offering some of the features of your app for free is a great technique to get more users for it. Make your app freemium and allow the users to enjoy some of the basic features without making any payments. In this way, you will have more downloads for it. Once people start enjoying, they will definitely pay you to unlock other features and options. If your app is uploaded in the app store as paid, then you can offer a trial period for new users to increase the curiosity of users.

Respond to All App Review & Questions

It is a superb idea to make your users feel valued. Whether they are reviewing your app positively or asking for more details about your app, be quick to respond their queries and keep them engaged. In this way, you can win the trust of users.