Subex, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) and critical infrastructure security solutions provider, has announced it has partnered with the Town of Florence, Arizona to provide security to its critical public infrastructure. An agreement to this effect was recently signed by Florence and Subex.

Once critical infrastructure comes online, it becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In 2017 alone, cybercrimes inflicted USD 445 billion of costs on the global economy (as per data shared by the World Economic Forum). The frequency and complexity of multi- tier attacks have been increasing with hackers using a range of tactics, applications and compromised devices to launch attacks at a global scale on utility infrastructure. The core motivation behind these attacks is to cause widespread disruption and inconvenience to citizens and other stakeholders.

As part of this partnership, Subex will provide end-to-end cybersecurity to detect, repel and remediate advanced threats to Florence’s most basic and vital technological systems. When Florence launches its smart cities project, Subex will continue to be the cybersecurity partner for all projects coming under the plan.

Through this partnership, the Town of Florence is leading the way by becoming one of the first cities to protect its public infrastructure through solutions, strategies, and measures provided by Subex. This partnership is a landmark one and will pave the way for other cities to adopt similar measures thereby ensuring the highest levels of protection for smart city projects across the United States.

Brent Billingsley, the Town Manager of Florence, Arizona, said that “This is more than just a typical contract. This is an agreement by which the Town of Florence is a partner with Subex in developing cutting-edge technology that can be marketed to other private, non-profit, and government customers. This is a really exciting enterprise and a cool partnership for Florence.”

“I am excited by the possibilities our association with the town of Florence brings. On the one hand, we will be helping Florence defend its assets while shoring up its cybersecurity defense capabilities. On the other, this partnership will improve awareness among cities on the urgent need to improve cybersecurity and vigilance measures. This will go a long way in improving stakeholder confidence,” said Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, Subex Ltd.

“Our partnership with Florence will help the town focus more on meeting the needs of citizens and businesses while we attend to its cybersecurity needs. Florence has shown the way for other cities and towns everywhere to start taking cyber security seriously and work towards securing critical infrastructure. We are excited to partner with Florence and are looking forward to working with the town leadership and other stakeholders to secure the Town and its assets,” said Kiran Zachariah, VP, IoT Business, Subex Limited.