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About Google’s Logo Doodle collection from 1997 – 2000.

Google has had several logos since its renaming from BackRub. The longest running official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar, and is a wordmark based on the Catull typeface.  “There were a lot of different color iterations,” Kedar says. “We ended up with the primary colors, but instead of having the pattern go in order, we put a secondary color on the L, which brought back the idea that Google doesn’t follow the rules.”

In 1998 Sergey Brin created a computerized version of the Google letters using the free graphics program GIMP. These special logos, some designed by Dennis Hwang, have become known as Google Doodles. As of 27 September 2010, Google’s own gallery features 913 logos.

wikipedia: History of the Google Logo

My Top five Doodles from 1998 -2000:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Google Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th 1998 Thanksgiving by Kathleen Curtin

Season’s Greetings with a Google Doodle

Season's Greetings with a Google Doodle

December 25th 1999

Life123: The Story of Frosty the Snowman by Jenney Cheever

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! from Google Doodles

January 1st 2000

YouTub: New Years Eve Ball Drop 2000

On Easter weekend, Google displayed this logo with an applet by Ken Perlin

Happy Easter: On Easter weekend, Google displayed this logo with an applet created by Ken Perlin

May 1st 2000

The PhotoArgus: 20 Easter Egg Photos to Inspire you this Holiday

2000 Summer Games in Sydney – Cycling

2000 Summer Games in Sydney - Cycling

September 21st 2000

SR – Olympic Sports: Cycling at the 2000 Sydney Summer Games


Doodle 4 Google – Google Doodles Animation

A fun animation of sample Google Doodles to highlight the Doodle 4 Google art competition. Read more

by Google’s official YouTube channel



Check back  Next week for the 2001 Google Doodle’s


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