Rick Cox, president of Patriot Consulting, is a busy man these days.

“My responsibilities include leading the sales organization and managing our partner relationships,” Cox says. “Most importantly, I have the privilege of evangelizing Patriot’s amazing culture both internally to our best-in-class staff and externally to our clients and partners by leading with our core values of ethics first, commitment to excellence, urgency, and passion.”

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Equally important to Arizona’s business community is that Cox and the services provided by Patriot Consulting can help any business that uses Microsoft as its collaboration platform. Here’s what Cox says Arizona business leaders need to be watching with their tech.

TECH RISKS TO WATCH: “Phishing and ransomware continue to be the top tech risks that all businesses are facing,” Cox says.

HOW PATRIOT HELPS: “Patriot can help reduce these risks by making sure that security controls are implemented according to best practices,” Cox says. “We help clients implement tools they already own from Microsoft to solve these problems.”

TECH TREND TO WATCH: “Zero trust is currently the top trend that business leaders should watch and implement this year,” Cox says. “There is a reason why the United States issued Executive Order 14028 requiring the government and contractors to implement zero trust. Even if you are not a supplier to the U.S. government, zero trust framework is an excellent model for all businesses. Businesses should assume that their remote workers could be vulnerable to computer viruses already present on home networks.”

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