Identi-Kit® 7 HD software is the most advanced facial composite sketch solution and represents a major improvement in features and functions.

  • Intuitively designed interface includes a wizard to create an initial draft sketch on the expanded workspace.
  • Changes to a facial feature can be previewed on the browser bar feature, which can be scaled to view from two thumbnails to 32 thumbnails on larger displays.
  • Expanded suite of editing tools that improves flexibility for more accurate sketches.
  • 200 dpi high definition facial feature library with 70% more features than previous versions for amazingly sharp composites.
  • Export sketches to Microsoft Word® to create customized bulletins for distribution via fax, email, website or social media.

“To expand the facial feature library, we took head shot photos of hundreds of people and edited each face for their individual features,” said Paul Wright, president of the Scottsdale-based company. “Since the new images were all being processed in 200 dpi high def, we started to explore the idea of remastering the older images in high def. Working with professional photo labs to reprocess every one of the legacy library images from their original photo, some of which dated back to the early 1960s, we now have a completely remastered image library that is 200% sharper and has nearly twice the number of facial components of the previous version.”

Technical support and training will also receive upgrades in support of the new application. One new feature is the Training Portal with a library of short self-help videos that users can access directly from the app. Identi-Kit will also resume the presentation of live hosted webinars where users can earn certification on the software. More than 1100 students have attended certification training classes over the past decade.