Arriving in style depends on two things: how you look and your vehicle. Lyft has the vehicle part covered now, after the ride-sharing service made Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV available in Phoenix, according to a Thursday announcement.

Lyft wants passengers who are in need of a luxury vehicle to count on the service the next time they’re looking to rent a luxury vehicle with a driver.

Through Lyft’s app you’ll be able to hail multiple models of popular luxury vehicle makes such as an Acura, Audi, Bentley, Jaguar and more.

All driver vehicles available through Lyft Lux and its SUV program must have black exteriors in excellent condition and leather, or leather-like seats. On top of that, drivers must keep their driver rating at 4.7 stars or above to receive Lyft Lux requests, to ensure you’ll be in great hands.

Trying to woo a large group? The SUV luxury rides must seat six riders or more.

Recently, Lyft opened up a driver hub in Phoenix. Drivers can visit the hub to relax and have a few snacks in between rides.

Lyft’s ridership in Phoenix has tripled in the past year.

Recently, The New York Times reported that Lyft and the self-driving car company Waymo entered into an agreement. Through the agreement, both companies will “work together to bring autonomous vehicle technology into the mainstream through pilot projects and product development efforts,” The New York Times reported.

Waymo, which is a spinoff from Google, tests its self-driving cars throughout the Valley. Local Lyft executives have been unable to comment on whether any operations stemming from the agreement would be conducted in the Valley.