AccountabilIT, LLC today announced the acquisition of MITS&C, the managed services division of Business & Decision, N.A.  MITS&C provides managed services related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other enterprise applications and cloud computing technologies.

AccountabilIT, a Scottsdale, Arizona based company, was recently formed by industry pioneer Chuck Vermillion with a management team of executives that have worked together since 1997.

“This acquisition provides AccountabilIT with additional scale and experience needed to form the preeminent Managed Services firm,” said Chuck Vermillion, AccountabilIT’s founder and CEO. “It’s exciting to add MITS&C’s leadership to our team, especially in light of the fact that four of their top five executives worked with me at my previous firm.  Our strategy will continue to be the same; care about our customer’s success as much as we care about our own company.  We will once again lead this market, one customer at a time.”

Vermillion founded OneNeck IT Services – it was the largest IT professional services business in Arizona. On June 28, 2011 he sold it to TDS for $95 million.

AccountabilIT’s services will consist of managing companies’ enterprise applications, and all related underlying technologies, including databases, computing platforms, networks and security management, which often times are provided by the companies’ internal IT staffs.  AccountabilIT’s success will be driven by the provision of these services in a customer-intimate fashion, leveraging a proven customer management methodology.

“We are very pleased that MITS&C is joining the AccountabiliIT team,” said Ian Huckle, CEO, Business & Decision. “There are multiple synergies between the two organizations and their combination will propel the goal of healthy growth and expansion at the time when Managed Services is of utmost importance for businesses worldwide. Both MITS&C and AccountabiliIT have an absolute commitment to quality delivery, deep understanding of customers’ challenges and an exceptional ability to provide strategic insight and technical solutions that will make a real difference to a customer’s business.”

“It’s not an accident that we chose the word ‘customers’ rather than ‘clients’,” said Vermillion.  “Many people overlook that the root of the word ‘customer’ is ‘custom’.  Each of the solutions we design are unique to our customer’s need.  That’s how we help them gain competitive advantage through information technology.”