Neill Feather is the chief innovation officer of SiteLock, a Scottsdale-based provider of website security. (Photo by Mike Mertes, AZ Big Media)

February 19, 2019

AZ Business Magazine

SiteLock launches new VPN cybersecurity solution

Scottsdale-based SiteLock, the global leader in website security solutions, today announced the expansion of its product offering with the launch of SiteLock VPN. SiteLock’s virtual private network offering will help businesses protect all of their online activity from any location.

A VPN is a vital layer of protection that eliminates concerns around employee use of public Wi-Fi, protects data transmitted online, allows businesses to view competitor ad campaigns, and removes content restrictions. For consumers, a VPN is also critical for personal data privacy and protection on public networks, eliminating data throttling and enabling access to content without restriction.

“Websites are the modern small business’s storefront, and protecting those sites from malicious actors has been SiteLock’s core focus,” said Brian Sargent, Vice President of Product at SiteLock. “As hackers become increasingly advanced and remote work grows in popularity, however, the security needs of businesses and their employees continue to expand. We are excited to bring our industry-leading expertise to the VPN market to help our customers respond to these changes with another layer in their cybersecurity strategy.”

SiteLock VPN will help businesses protect their online activities while offering improved security and anonymity. It offers unlimited access across all supported devices to provide an internet free of privacy concerns and content restrictions.

Features of SiteLock VPN include: 

    SiteLock VPN, combined with the company’s industry-leading website security solutions, provides an additional layer of protection for business battling the evolving threat landscape. To learn more about SiteLock VPN and the benefits of a virtual private network for business and consumer security, please visit