Keith Rezendes
Keith Rezendes

Phoenix resident Keith Rezendes worked for every tutoring company he could find, but realized tutors weren’t getting a fair share of the money they were bringing into companies.
That’s when he came up with the idea for AvidBrain.

AvidBrain — whose slogan is “Teach something. Learn anything” — provides a marketplace of qualified tutors that students can browse, based on subject, fee and proximity. With tutors from all 50 states and students from the Middle East and China looking for American tutoring, proximity isn’t the most important aspect. The website has a built-in video platform for remote tutoring sessions.

Essentially, AvidBrain is creating individual small businesses for tutors. Once joining, tutors have marketing and visibility that they wouldn’t otherwise have if they listed their jobs on any other job-listing website.

There’s also a safety aspect that doesn’t normally come with tutoring services: each applicant needs to complete — and pass — a background check.

AvidBrain also gives more money to tutors than it keeps. Many companies give the tutor 50 percent of the hourly rate, regardless of training or qualifications. AvidBrain tutors keep 70 percent of their hourly rate, a percent that increases as the tutor works more hours.

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