The Arizona Technology Council today released its Q2 2021 Arizona Technology Industry Impact Report, providing new details on the growth of the state’s technology sector.

A positive indicator in the report was STEM job posts reached an all-time high of 37,506 in June. In addition, the number of technology jobs and wages increased by 3.25% and 2.96%, respectively, over the past year and the number of technology companies rose 5.43% over the previous year.

New to the report in Q2 2021 is a detailed breakdown of diversity and gender parity statistics. The full report can be viewed here.

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“This report reflects the acceleration of Arizona’s technology industry which is proving to be the catalyst for growth that we always envisioned,” said Steven G. Zylstra, the Council’s president and CEO. “The tireless work of our community leaders translates into economic benefits for everyone. We’re also proud that this report includes transparent data about the industry’s diversity and gender parity. While progress is being made, we’re still not hitting the mark and we hope this new data will lead to solutions for these challenges more quickly.”

The diversity and gender parity statistics show Arizona’s technology industry continues to be dominated by white males. According to the data, 69.4% of Arizona’s technology workforce self-identify as male vs. 30.60% female while 62.6% self-identify as white/Caucasian vs. 19.9% Hispanic or Latino, 9.8% Asian, 4.7% Black or African American, and 3% other.

However, there are positive signs of movement toward gender parity in occupations like natural sciences managers, computer systems analysts, database administrators and architects, web developers and digital interface designers—all showing a higher-than-average share of women.

Additional findings of the Q2 2021 report include:

• Total technology industry wages – $23,442,207,166

• Technology jobs – 205,274

• Total technology firms – 10,203

In addition to this data, the Council supplements its report with published works, blogs and interviews highlighting Arizona technology industry leaders, news from organizations across a wide range of sectors in the state’s technology community, and more.

The Q2 Technology Impact Report includes:

• Trailblazing Women in Tech: A Conversation with Alexi Venneri, Heather Monthie and Ivonne May

• Mistake, Rinse, Don’t Repeat: 10 Lessons from AZ Tech Council CEO Steven G. Zylstra

• Aligned’s Big Green Funding: $1.75 Billion in Sustainable Loans

• AZ MedTech Innovators to Watch

• Cultivating Arizona’s Tech-Talent Future: A Conversation with Katherine Pappas, David Bolman and Frank Grimmelmann

• The Role and Impact of Tech Parks Arizona: A Conversation with Carol Stewart

• Happy Birthday to the Arizona Commerce Authority: A Conversation with Andy Lombard, Jena Coolidge and Brian Sherman

• Making a Strong, Unique Valley Tech Community: Thoughts from Eric Miller

On the Council’s behalf, the quarterly report is compiled by eImpact, an organization that creates web-based, data-reporting solutions designed to help cities, industries and planners drive effective policy, create new growth and engage stakeholders. The report is based on eImpact’s analysis of data from Emsi, Brookings Institution, CompTIA, AngelList, National Science Board and others. Molly Castelazo, CEO and chief content strategist of Castelazo Content, also partnered with the Council to organize and curate the supplemental content, update the report design and create the infographic.


Download or view the complete report on the Council’s website here. The report can also be found on