Whether you are a small business offering decorating services or an expanding online retail business, marketing your products and services in the best way is key to success. Did you know that 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before they make a purchase, with 47% visiting the company website? If you want to attract new customers in the modern digital era, a professional website is vital.

Selling products and services online

If you sell goods in a physical store then you should also make sure that you provide people with the option to buy your goods online. There are lots of eCommerce options for websites these days that include secure payments and other key functions. As well as selling products online, you might want to sell services online. For example, psychics provide their tarot reading services through websites like TheCircle, where customers sign up and then book a call with their selected expert. Other services like consultancy can also be offered online. To avoid losing business, the function that allows people to make purchases should be user-friendly, by being easy to find and offering a clear process.

Boosting brand awareness

Your online presence strengthens your brand awareness, including having a professional-looking website and social media accounts. Go Media reveals that a massive 75% of users will judge your business’ credibility based on your website alone. Therefore, it is really important to put in the effort to get your website set up professionally, uploading lots of high-quality content and nice design features that will impress your website visitors so much that it persuades them to do business with you.

Website information can reduce inquiries

If you get lots of phone calls or emails about your services or products that you need to spend time answering, having a website that answers all of the most common queries can reduce your workload. Companies often publish a detailed list of FAQs onto their website so that customers or potential customers can find out the information they need before they make a purchase, without it taking up your time to explain each time. Detailed images on websites are also good for showing product details that could otherwise be queried.

Helping customers find your services

When people are looking for a product or service, they are likely to use Google or another search engine to find the one that matches their needs. Therefore, your business will be missing out on these customers if you don’t have a website. The better your website is in terms of SEO performance, the more visitors will click through to your website and the more business you will generate. You can also use Google Ads to increase the traffic to your website and lead new customers to your business which would not be an option without the presence of your website.

A powerful digital marketing strategy is essential for businesses to stay competitive in a digitally centric world. Investing in your website, including your hosting solution, design, and content, as well as having a good social media strategy will help to attract new customers and generate more sales.