Scottsdale-based WGM expands cybersecurity investigating services

Technology | 9 Sep, 2016 |

WGM, a leading information technology consulting, data analytics and cybersecurity services firm, expanded its offering to include a complete set of investigative services for clients to include both internal and external investigation capabilities.

Internal issues may involve investigating employee issues of theft, misuse of company property, policy violations, threats against employees, difficult terminations and other matters. External investigations may include issues with customers or vendors or mitigating risk from Internet fraud, electronic surveillance, extortion, competitive intelligence, industrial espionage, due diligence matters, improper payments and product diversion.

“In addition to responding to and remediating cybersecurity and technology breaches, WGM can now go further in investigating the source and perpetrators of such attacks,” said Chuck Matthews, CEO of WGM.

WGM’s suite of investigative services is part of its growing Forensic Services and Cyber Security Investigations Division led by a proven team of former federal investigators. As former federal investigators, WGM’s experienced team can effectively collect and secure evidence to be used before investigating committees and in the preparation or trial of civil or criminal cases.

“The addition of investigative services to our offering gives our team a competitive edge,” added Matthews. “Now, we are able to go deeper into the issues at hand and to investigate, assess and help mitigate threats our clients face. It gives us another tool in our arsenal to go after persons on groups who are seeking to do harm to our clients.”

WGM’s cybersecurity and investigative efforts are led by Robert Meshinsky, a former special agent with the FBI who joined WGM earlier this year. Meshinsky recently completed a 21-year career with the FBI. As a Special Agent, Meshinsky worked complex criminal, national security and computer intrusion cases. As the Phoenix Division’s coordinator for the elite Computer Analysis Response Team (CART), Meshinsky also conducted forensic examinations on seized computers, mobile devices, digital cameras, digital video recorders and digital media across a broad spectrum of investigations conducted by the FBI.

Meshinsky is leading WGM’s efforts to build its own cybercrime and investigations unit. WGM Information Security Services LLC is fully licensed as a Private Investigation Agency by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

In addition to WGM’s robust investigative capabilities, WGM team members continue to garner accreditations of their expertise. Recently, Michael Phetteplace, WGM’s vice president of consulting services, earned the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) accreditation. With oversight by ISACA, an association of more than 140,000 technology and information security professionals around the world, CISM is one of the most sought after IT certifications.

“The CISM certification demonstrates WGM’s proficiency in preventing, investigating and remediating issues that our clients face,” added Phetteplace. “CISM focuses on information risk management and how that risk applies generally to information security programs and oversight. It’s yet another distinction that sets WGM apart.”

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