Tempe-based Wave Theory produced the first device dedicated to sanitizing credit card readers for retail and restaurant businesses. The product, called Wave Theory Pro, eliminates virus particles sensitive to UV light, including the coronavirus behind COVID-19, with 99.99 percent effectiveness.

The product is an enclosed container that stores a payment terminal on a motorized arm and uses motion detection to initiate the cleaning cycle. A user can wave their hand over the device, activating the arm and closing the product housing. A UVC light treatment begins and ends in 15 seconds.

“Credit card readers are often the last touch points between consumers and businesses, and should be protected from spreading illnesses,” said Patrick Wallain, CEO of Wave Theory. “We’ve seen companies use spray disinfectants (which can damage card readers), non-eco-friendly wipes, or even saran wrap. Wave Theory Pro is a simple, effective and clean solution to that problem.”

The University of Arizona Water & Energy Sustainability Technology Center certified that Wave Theory Pro delivers a 5-log reduction of MS-2 bacteriophage. According to their report, the product was “highly effective at inactivating virus particles and would be expected to perform well against the enveloped SARS-CoV-2, which should be more sensitive to UV light than MS-2 bacteriophage.”

“We’re currently working with small businesses and restaurants, and eventually hope to work with big box retailers,” said Wallain. “Our first orders ship in January.”

The Wave Theory Pro starts at $390 and is available for preorder.