Effective Friday, May 21, the City of Tempe will no longer require a mask or face coverings in public spaces, though masks are urged for those who are unvaccinated. Masks also are strongly recommended to be worn for the sake of those who are more vulnerable, such as unvaccinated children and the immune-comprised.

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Continuing to be guided in the city’s COVID-19 response by science and data, Mayor Corey Woods acted today to rescind the city’s June 2020 mask mandate in light of changed guidance for fully vaccinated individuals from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with climbing local COVID-19 vaccination rates and decreasing numbers of diagnosed cases.

Today the city also has announced that, effective Friday, masks will not be required for vaccinated individuals and will be requested for unvaccinated people in city facilities. Some city-administered programs that serve vulnerable or unvaccinated populations, such as the Kid Zone program, will still require masks.

Schools in Tempe can choose to continue to require masks on their properties.

Read the Mayor’s proclamation here.

What it means for businesses

Tempe businesses may continue to require patrons to wear masks. Tempe Police will respond to calls from businesses about patrons who refuse to comply and are trespassing on private property.