If you’re looking for a career in IT, colleges and universities might be a waste of time.

With rising demand for IT specialists like software developers, coders, and UX experts, now is the best time to pursue a career in programming – and the best part is, you don’t have to spend years preparing and pursuing knowledge!

Online coding bootcamps are a fast and effective way of learning the basics of programming – whether it is Python courses or other programming languages, such a bootcamp can be a perfect opportunity for aspiring junior programmers to kickstart their career and gain crucial practical skills that they wouldn’t learn at the uni.

Still not convinced? Here are the 5 main benefits of an online coding bootcamp:

1. Remain flexible while learning a new skill

Going to a university or a college is a considerable investment of both time and resources. While you might get the opportunity to find a side job during your studies, working full time in your profession might be difficult.

Without job experience and practical skills, you can only rely on your diploma – which you will only receive at the end of your studies, postponing the moment you can start experimenting with your career.

2. Become an IT specialist without leaving your home

The comfort of online teaching has dramatically popularized online classes, including coding bootcamps. At an online bootcamp, you can learn practical skills and get real coding experience – both very valuable to include in your resume when applying for an IT position – without ever leaving your house!

All you need to go from an absolute beginner to a junior programmer with an online coding bootcamp is access to the internet, regardless of your location!

3. Skip college, save time

The traditional route of going through college or university to get a diploma will take you between 4 to 6 years during which you’ll be learning a lot of stuff that won’t be useful in your future career.

Instead, online bootcamps, including Python courses, most usually range from 1 to 6 months, providing you with an intense learning experience and valuable skills.

4. Online bootcamps are affordable and practical

Unless you’re attending a free college or university, higher education is going to cost you much more than an online bootcamp would – especially with the rising education costs. Apart from tuition, you’ll also have to worry about housing, study supplies, books, and other extra costs.

Online bootcamps are a very affordable solution for future junior coders, offering a much cheaper alternative to traditional education. Unlike college, they also teach you soft skills that you’ll need to survive in the brutal world of the IT industry, and give you experience in independent coding.

If your aim is to get prepared for a career in programming but you don’t want to spend years studying and pay a truckload of money for it, online coding bootcamps are just what you’re after!