Founders, what is the best tech invention of 2022 and why? 

To help you discover the best tech invention of 2022, we asked business founders this question for their best picks. From the ViraWarn COVID-19 warning system to AI image generators, there are several tech inventions that are chosen as the best in 2022.

Here are nine tech inventions these founders picked as their best in 2022:

  • ViraWarn COVID-19 Warning System for Personal Spaces
  • The Extended-Use Grid Battery
  • The Foldable Screen Tablet
  • DALLE 2 Text-to-Image System
  • The Sleep Reset App
  • Apple’s HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle
  • AlphaFold2 Intelligent Machine for Protein Folding
  • Flying Car
  • AI Image Generators
The Best Tech Inventions of 2022 According To These Founders
The Best Tech Inventions of 2022 According To These Founders


ViraWarn COVID-19 Warning System for Personal Spaces

ViraWarn, a COVID-19 detector and warning system for your personal space, is one of the most outstanding inventions of 2022. This tabletop device alerts you instantly and accurately if the virus and its variants are within your proximity. It’s a great addition to your home and office space to safeguard you from the disease while not closing your doors entirely to visitors and friends.

Nunzio Ross, Owner and Head Director, Majesty Coffee


The Extended-Use Grid Battery

More than ever, we’re relying on green energy sources. But when the sun goes down and the breeze dies down, what happens then? The ability to store electricity for later use is essential for grid operators. It’s possible that the new iron-based batteries can handle it. Made from easily accessible resources, they have the potential to outperform conventional forms of grid storage in terms of cost and utility.

Edward Mellett, Co-Founder, Wikijob


The Foldable Screen Tablet 

For those of us who travel for business, we know the aggravation of trying to find a location for our tablets, but this problem has been solved by the tech invention of foldable screens. Smartphones are generally not conducive for all of our business needs, which has many of us relying on tablets that go with us everywhere, meaning finding a convenient way to transport them has always been a problem. 

ASUS in partnership with Zenbook has created the first folding screen for a tablet. When unfurled it has a 17-inch screen, can easily be connected to a Bluetooth keyboard, or you can simply fold the bottom half of the device to have typing access. This unique tech invention is one of the most innovative of 2022 and through its focus on both function and ergonomics,  allows people to easily take their business anywhere they wish to go.

Adelle Archer, CEO & Co-Founder, Eterneva


DALLE 2 Text-to-Image System

I’ve been blown away by the text-to-image system DALLE 2. I got to try it out while it was still in beta and was amazed at the quality and ingenuity of the images the AI could create. Now that it has been opened to the public, I use it to generate all the featured images for my blog, and I plan to use it for many other things in the future. When it comes to inventions, OpenAI, the organization behind DALLE 2, has taken a quantum leap with their AI that I don’t think we’ll see again for a while.

Holger Sindbaek, Founder & CEO, Online Solitaire


The Sleep Reset App

One of the things I struggle with more than anything else is actually completely unrelated to business. It’s sleep. I just can’t seem to get good, quality sleep. My mind races at night, I flop around, and I never seem to be able to get any real rest, which always carries over into my daily business activities. In the last couple of months though, I’ve started using a brand new app called Sleep Reset, and it has worked incredibly well. It tracks your sleep throughout the night and offers tips and tricks for sleeping faster, then staying asleep. Though not directly business related, it has had more of an impact on my business than any other tech invention I’ve seen or used in 2022. Getting a good night’s rest affects your focus, stress levels, and ability to process complex ideas. I swear by this new app and am hyper-focused on getting restorative sleep every night now.

John Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Test Prep Insight


Apple’s HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle 

Inventions are best when they have a practicality component to them as well, and one tech invention of 2022 that does this extremely well is Apple’s HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle. As people become more health conscious, their questions become more in depth about exercise and hydration, and what they require for optimum vitality and performance. This new technology integrates seamlessly with Apple Watch and Apple Health, and calculates the amount of hydration required based on your daily activity. In addition, it notifies you when it is time to hydrate, removing any of the guesswork from determining your water consumption needs. The practicality of the Hidrate Spark to enhance your current exercise regimen and meld with current base technology makes it one of the best tech inventions of 2022

Matt Miller, Founder & CEO, Embroker


AlphaFold2 Intelligent Machine for Protein Folding

Proteins are involved in almost every cellular process in the body. What a protein does depends on how it folds. Understanding the structure of a protein, however, might take a lot of time. Now that artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of AlphaFold2 has solved this long-standing biological riddle, we may now be able to rapidly create medications for a wide variety of ailments.

Kenny Kline, President & Financial Lead, BarBend


Flying Car

The best tech invention of 2022 is the flying car. It can fly and drive on the ground, and it is powered by renewable energy. It is also very fast and can go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. The flying car is the best invention because it will help reduce traffic and pollution, and it will also make transportation much faster and easier.

Peter Beeda, COO, fhalend


AI Image Generators

AI image generators can create custom images that are perfect for any situation, making them a must-have tool for anyone in the business world. This is a huge breakthrough for businesses and individuals who need high-quality images for their products, services or blog posts. They save time and money because you no longer need to hire a professional photographer or spend hours searching for the perfect image.

Burak Özdemir, Founder, Online Alarm Clock