In a manufacturing setting, for example in the auto-manufacturing industry, workers will often find themselves with a monstrous machine that they need to lift up to a certain level. There is no easy way to do this, except for the use of a machine.

One of the best machines to use is a lift table. It is easy use in that it can be easily operated by one person. It is automatically lowered and by the press of a button it will lift the heavy load up to the required level.

There are different types of lift tables. The most suitable for heavy and long loads is the tandem scissor table. Here is why this is the table for your factory if you deal with long and extremely heavy loads.

Long platform

The tandem scissor lift table, is a lift table suitable for long and heavy loads. The first and main feature that you can see about it is its long platform surface.

This is good if you are dealing with extremely long loads or you need a number of people working together on a certain task in the manufacturing process.

Enhanced stability

When working with this lift table, you do not have to worry about its stability. It is designed with a lifting mechanism that is composed of two hydraulic scissor lifts. This ensures that the platform is well held and lifted from the bottom. This helps maintain balance and distribute the length and weight of the object being lifted.

Once it reaches the desired level. The two scissors ensure that the platform is stable and well balanced.

High cycle runs per hour

Lift tables are designed with a number of cycles that they can complete per hour. This ensures that the lift table is able to function properly for the duration of its life. If you exceed the number of stipulated cycles, you could contribute in lowering its effectiveness.

For the tandem scissor lift table, however, it has more cycle runs per hour than many other lift tables. This ensures that it can be used for as long as it is needed without needing to shut it down for maintenance.


This is the major feature that supports the ability of this lift table to have high cycle runs per hour. It also ensures that the table serves the factory with minimal down time for maintenance.

Within the scissors are wheels that enable the movement of the scissors from the ground up. These wheels should and will always be lubricated for the life of the lift table. It is also easy to lubricate the other moving parts which ensures that there is no downtime when using this lift table.

Safety levels

The tandem scissor lift table is quite safe to use. First, its safety levels come from its design. The frame of this table holds together the scissors and the platform to its bottom part. As such, it is a single machine with different parts and not separate contraptions brought together to build it.

It also protects the employees hurting their feet when they work standing around it. IT has a skirting that protects the employee’s feet from any part of the table that could cause injury.

Can be customized

Saxlift is a reputable manufacturer of tandem scissor lift tables. They have been in existence for over two decades and have gained lots of experience in designing and manufacturing lift tables.

As a lift table manufacturer, they can custom make a tandem scissor lift table to fit the unique lifting needs of your organization. All you need to do is get in touch with them and provide your specifications for the lift table. They have a quick turnaround time and you will have it delivered in a matter of weeks.


The tandem scissor lift table is a superior lift table that is suitable for lifting abnormally heavy and long loads in the factory setting. It can also be used as a working table to enhance safety and working conditions in the factory.