The world of work has changed forever, and there is ongoing debate as to what the future holds. We have changed the manner in which we work, and remote or hybrid businesses are now the norm. Many are looking to make adjustments to make this new normal work for them and their lifestyles.

The world of work has changed so much in just the last two years alone, and it looks like they’re going to change rapidly in the future too. Here’s a look at some of the key careers for the future.

Tech and innovation

Every business sector that there now has an element of technology, and through its use, there is further opportunity to innovate. A good understanding of the specific business function or even the entire sector, coupled with the ability to find or design technological/online/software or computer-based solutions, will be one of the surest ways to find and secure gainful employment and build a rewarding career. Whether it is innovating around food, finding green sources of renewable energy, or improving how we treat the planet, innovation will be at the forefront of the jobs market and offer a great platform for creative careers.

This has led to an increase in the number of courses in tech available. A great example of the variety of programs available can be found at Northern Michigan University Online programs which are a typical example of how technology is growing into a huge, mainstream sector.


The entrepreneurship sector has seen unexpected growth and the main reason for this is the ability for innovators and skilled business minds to find opportunities in crisis. The current climate is thus ripe for entrepreneurs to disrupt and enter the mainstream. This, however, can only be done with a good grasp of business principles.

A  basic degree in business management or business principles is a recommended start for those looking to go it alone.  However, an MBA is always considered the way to go for those who have a background in another field and will use this to drive the business. It will provide general management skills and allow the entrepreneur to build an understanding of all the business sectors required to run a successful business.

Health and wellbeing

The healthcare field has seen the most dramatic changes of all job sectors in the US. There are simply too many people that need care and too few to provide such care. The result is a demand that has never been seen before, for everything from nursing assistances, mental health practitioners to neurosurgeons. All of these roles now have an associated technological element. These are the jobs that will dominate healthcare in the future.

There are a number of other job sectors or roles that are being heralded as the best jobs of the future, and those mentioned herein will likely form part of these lists. The beauty of looking at just these three aspects, however, makes it clear the width and breadth of opportunity and provides a clear vision of the future of sustainable employment.