There are different approaches to cosmetic and skincare product manufacturing and branding! The different methods are white label, private label, and contract manufacturing. The terms can seem a bit confusing. This article will explain how these concepts differ from each other. To understand how to best approach manufacturing and branding strategies, no matter if you are a new or established business!

To bring some clarity, let’s start with the most suitable product sourcing opportunity for small and new businesses, and different scale projects – white label!

White Label Cosmetics or your Business

One of the main differences between white label and private label is the product manufacturing process and lead time! White label products are unbranded products that can be bought by companies that rebrand and market them as their own products!

Pre-made products: White label skincare products are ready-made! This is why the product development lead time is short and the minimum order quantities (MOQ) are very low! The products are accessible for multiple buyers to purchase and rebrand!

Minimal customization: The already manufactured products are sold as it is. They can be branded by the merchant and sold to specific markets and audiences! However, the customization is minimal –  formulation, as well as the packaging cannot be changed! 

Marketing benefits: With white label cosmetic products you can focus more on the marketing and brand awareness! As this is a crucial part for a new business! There is no need to buy in big order quantities as the MOQ is small! With this advantage, big investment can be put towards marketing and advertising!

Quality check: The manufacturer ensures the quality of the products! By doing all the necessary tests with the products. So the merchandiser does not have any problems with the products when selling them! 

Product documentation and certification processes: One of the best white label skincare manufacturer Selfnamed, provides the product registration and documentation for the merchant! Accordingly, this helps the merchant to sell the products right away, without any worry of documentation and product registration in certain regions! The Selfnamed products are certified with reputable ECOCERT! Meaning, the products are manufactured following strict guidelines and serves as proof of the excellent quality of the products!

Therefore, white label beauty products provide great conditions to make your own skincare products company! As the MOQ is small, it is easy to test the market with smaller quantities of products, focus on marketing, and start selling in a very short period of time! Because no additional work, such as formula creation and testing, product registration is not required!

The Advantages of Private Label Manufacturing

Private label cosmetic manufacturing offers more customized options than white label products! This business model offers businesses to outsource the products from a private label manufacturer, where the products are branded according to the businesses needs and desires!

Full product development: The manufacturer takes care of product development, formula testing, packaging and labeling! While the buyer focuses on marketing and selling the products! This means, you can choose any of the product formulas, form the given catalog and have them branded! As well as, have the minor formula improvements based on your needs!

Branding opportunities: Main differences between white label and private label branding options is that you can customize the product packaging more extensively according to your wishes! From the packaging to print options on the label! Allowing to differentiate the products from the others in the market!

Documentation and legal side: When manufacturing the products with a private label, you must register and take care of the legal side on your own! In most cases, the full documentation is provided and you are guided through the processes! However, it is better to know what kind of legal actions must be done, in order to sell the products in desired regions!

If you desire to do more customizations to the skincare products, you can consider choosing the private label products! This option, similarly to white label, includes the knowledge in product development, documentation, certification and other. So businesses can focus on marketing and distribution instead!

Understanding the Concept of Contract Manufacturing Cosmetic

Contract manufacturing involves the development of products specifically designed based on the company’s product preferences. This is the option to choose, if you are interested in unique formula development! To stand out with a special offer in the market!

Customization and specifications: As mentioned, this product development service focuses on creating products based on the buyer’s specific requirements, ensuring they meet the desired quality standards. This includes creating unique formulas with special ingredients, as well as the use of special bottles for products, and skin care packaging design!

Higher investment: This means, contract manufacturing usually involves a higher level of investment and dedication, unlike private label and white label! As the buyer needs to develop and design the product, as well as cover production costs.

Expertise and resources: Contract manufacturers have benefits of expertise, specialized knowledge, and equipment that enable them to produce goods efficiently and at scale! This is why the manufacturers can offer almost anything the buyer desires!

Understanding the difference between white label and private label, and contract manufacturing is crucial for making informed decisions about how to best approach manufacturing and branding strategies. White label is a great solution for small and new businesses with smaller budgets! Overall, it is  a great way how to start a skincare line from scratch! With smaller MOQs and fast lead time – the products can be sold almost immediately! However, contract manufacturing offers the possibility to develop any type of formula the buyer desires! Private label skin care products are great when more customized options are needed, and the business wants to stand out more in the market! There can be found many great private label manufacturers – UK, EU and other respected regions, that can align perfectly with your business values and budget! One of them is Selfnamed – offering different skin care products that are certified and made from natural and organic ingredients! As well as, providing new features – skincare dropshipping service for anyone, selling white label products in the UK, EU and US!