The Home of Record Project (HRP), a 501(C3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving unhoused veterans and veterans at risk of experiencing homelessness, officially launched this year with the mission of providing transitional housing and comprehensive support services to those who have served our nation. Founded by Marine infantry veteran Gary Schell, HRP aims to fill critical gaps in existing state and federal programs by offering a holistic approach to addressing veteran homelessness.

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Gary Schell, the founder of The Home of Record Project, understands firsthand the challenges that veterans face upon returning to civilian life. After experiencing a cancer diagnosis, due to exposure from the burn pits in the middle east and divorce simultaneously, Gary found himself navigating a crisis with limited resources. Determined to turn his own hardships into opportunities for others, Gary embarked on a journey to understand the needs and challenges of veterans in his community.

Driven by his personal experiences and a deep sense of duty to his fellow veterans, Gary left his corporate job and spent a year speaking directly with veterans in Arizona through a state nonprofit, gaining valuable insights into their struggles and frustration with current programs. Armed with this knowledge and his real estate background, Gary founded The Home of Record Project to provide veterans with the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives.

“I saw firsthand the gaps in the system and the struggles that veterans face when seeking assistance,” said Gary Schell, Founder and President of The Home of Record Project. “I wanted to create an organization that not only provides housing for unique situations but also offers comprehensive support services to address the underlying challenges that contribute to veteran homelessness.”

The Home of Record Project offers transitional housing that serves as a vital stepping stone for veterans as they work towards securing permanent housing and rebuilding their lives. In addition to housing, through its board and their specialized backgrounds HRP provides access to job training, mental health counseling, financial assistance, and other essential support services tailored to the unique needs of veterans.

“We believe that every veteran who served honorably deserves more than just our gratitude – they deserve a place to call home,” added Gary Schell.

As The Home of Record Project launches, the organization invites community members, businesses, and fellow veterans to join in its mission to ensure that no veteran is left without a home. Together, we can honor the sacrifices of our veterans by providing them with the home and community they deserve.

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