Before COVID-19 swept across the world, working from home was unusual. These days, many workers find themselves setting up for the day with their cat at their ankles and their kids rushing down the stairs. While at first this new-found freedom of being able to work in jogging bottoms was exciting, the novelty has quickly worn off. Many people are itching to get back to the normality of office work. The question is, why?

Not Everyone Has Space

While some people might have spacious offices to keep out any distractions, not everyone has workspace. Many people who have been forced to work from home are having to squeeze their work onto the kitchen table or find a comfortable working position on the sofa. Getting back to the office will provide a space for focus without distractions, which many people are craving.

The Sense of Community

The social aspect that has been ripped from many people’s lives is taking its toll. With lockdowns and social distancing in place, many have found that they are desperately lonely. Even those who live at home with their family have realized the importance of seeing their co-workers five days a week. It provides people with a community, and those relationships are important for a positive state of mind.

Boosting the Economy

Everyone knows just how much COVID-19 has hurt the economy, with many businesses across the UK having to close down, but if most people carry on working from home, then the damage will only continue. While at work, people buy their lunches out, do a little shopping, and go for an after-work drink with their co-workers. This all provides business owners with the customers they need to keep going, and without it, many won’t be able to carry on.


Networking is an essential part of boosting a business, and much of it is done in person. While there are events held online, none are quite the same as inviting people to an office or attending an in-person event. Everyone has heard the stories about failed Zoom meetings by now! Offices like Clockwise give businesses the necessary space for meetings with clients. If everyone works from home, it minimizes the chance for potential clients and other working relationships to build, and in a post-COVID world, connections will need to be made.

Better Productivity

People are more productive in a work environment away from home. Those who have kids, pets, or just a small space are at a complete disadvantage. An office provides a space completely dedicated to working, and without it, motivation wavers.

The Ease of Communication

Despite the abundance of online communication at workers’ fingertips, the importance of in-person communication should not be underestimated. Without it, there are no real-life meetings, conversations at breaks, and chances for clients to meet everyone at once. Working from home robs workers of the opportunity to engage in clear communication, which, as a result, impacts the work they do.

Many areas of life have been affected by COVID-19, and working from home is one that has changed many people’s average working day. Once the pandemic has passed, many will be more than happy to get back to the comfort of office life.