Accidents involving trucks nearly usually involve severe injuries since they are bigger and heavier than the majority of the other vehicles on the road. Therefore, they have the potential to do far more damage. To be on the safer side, you should have in hand a truck accident lawyer like to help when needed.

Commercial truck drivers take on a significant amount of responsibility each time they step behind the wheel of their vehicle. Hence, the occupation needs specialized training in addition to certification.

It is not simple to operate a truck that weighs 40 tons, and one has to do it with the highest care and concentration. Common Injuries in Semi Truck Accidents are unfortunately inevitable for truck drivers, regardless of how much training and experience they have under their belts.

Sometimes they result from a human mistake on the driver’s part, and other times they are not. Keep reading to learn about the top five variables that contribute to truck accidents so that you may have a better understanding of how to be safe on the roads and in traffic.

Driver Fatigue

Fatigued driving is one of the most prevalent causes of truck accidents and one of the most hazardous causes. Therefore, federal laws now limit the amount of time a truck driver may be on the road continuously before being required to pull over and take a break. Sadly, these laws are not sufficient to prevent truck drivers from operating their vehicles when they are tired.

There are still many trucking firms that pay their drivers by the mile, which means that drivers will push themselves over the limit where it is safe to do so to earn more money.

Insufficient Experience

Inexperience is a factor that contributes to a significant number of truck accidents. In the trucking sector, experience makes a tremendous amount of difference. Truck drivers who have been in the industry for many decades have “learned the ropes” thanks to their years of practical experience behind the wheel.

When behind the wheel of a semi-truck, drivers who are new to the business are still considered beginners since they are unaware of the genuine nature of the road.

Unacceptable Level of Truck Maintenance

Sometimes, semi-truck accidents are not all driver errors. There are situations in which semi-truck manufacturers may create an imperfect product, and there are other scenarios in which trucking companies will fail to properly care for their fleets by not doing periodic maintenance promptly.

Maintenance of a truck’s fluids, tires, brakes, and other components, along with routine inspections, is essential to the vehicle’s ability to travel the road safely.

Improper Loading

Incorrect loading of goods is yet another frequent contributor to accidents involving trucks. To avoid mishaps and injuries, it is essential to ensure that freight is loaded and secured appropriately.

The improper loading of cargo may result in shifting, unequal weight distribution, and other issues, which are typical contributors to truck accidents. Hire an accident lawyer from to handle the after procedures of the incident.

Driving While Distracted

Distracted driving is probably the leading cause of truck accidents and accidents involving any other kind of motor vehicle. Distracted driving is more prevalent than ever, particularly given that most drivers are equipped with specific technology, such as mobile phones and navigation systems with flat screens.

When it comes to truck drivers, distractions may take on a variety of forms. Some common examples include smoking, eating, reading, texting, adjusting the radio, and other activities.


If you were hurt in a car accident involving a truck, you should get in touch with personnel involved in Common Injuries in Semi Truck Accidents as soon as possible to determine your legal options.