People may love or hate TIktok, but they surely cannot ignore it. Due to the rapid outbreak of COVID – 19 pandemic, the app became the most downloaded app of 2019. Every teenager has been obsessing over the platform, companies are wanting to make money off it and the government fears it. So far, it has been really controversial as well. People can either buy TikTok followers and TikTok likes or grow their reach organically which might take time.

Tiktok is different in the way that it has been able to establish a whole community of music, lip syncing and micro video content. Besides offering a whole lot of music libraries, it also offers a range of video editing tools which are easy to use.

The Indian government has already banned Tiktok in India when it announced that all Chinese apps could not be downloaded. Recently, the US government has also threatened to ban Tiktok. These growing uncertainties have led to people searching for alternatives. Given below is a list of alternatives to Tiktok.

1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is a video making platform which has lost its glory with the rise of or TikTok. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS based mobile phones. The app has 100 million installs up till today which speaks a lot about its popularity. One can make entertaining lip syncing videos through the app. The app has different materials to make the video content unique.

The app lets anyone add text overlays or stickers to the videos to make it more captivating. The app displays the video in the style of Snapchat stories which are divided into two sections so that one can follow the channels and keep track of latest videos. The app also enables people to share videos across other social media networks. The videos can also be saved to the camera roll.

Many celebrities including Penelope Cruz are a fan of Dubsmash. The bonus is that the app is free!

2. Funimate

Funimate is a good alternative to TikTok. The advantage of using Funimate over TikTok is that you can create any sort of music video you want to shoot. You can make slow motion videos, compile several small videos into a big one, shoot video loops and do so much more on the platform. The music library available on the platform is vast and offers different popular music to create lip syncing videos.

The app features more than 20 advanced video effects that can turn any dull moment into a magical one. In addition to it, you can also add different stickers and texts to the videos and also add funny comments to the videos. You can also collaborate with friends to create videos. You both have to shoot a video on the songs, merge it into a video clip and post it on the platform. The only con here is that one has to make in app purchases to get access to some of the best advanced filters.

3. Cheez

Cheez is much more than just a lip syncing video making platform. Cheez community allows one to make popular videos on categories like fashion, vlog and comedy. The app treats you to rewards when the videos receive enough likes, shares and comments. At the same time, you can also get prizes for watching videos and commenting videos you like.

They also provide tools to cut and trim videos so that one can easily remove the mistakes they have made while recording the videos. The best part about using Cheez is that you can start battles, post topics, join different challenges and display creativity through these videos. If you are looking for an app which helps you discover terrific videos and create content simultaneously, then this is the app to use.

4. Triller

The app is really simple to use, that’s why Selena Gomez uses it too. You just have to record the video and the auto editing feature will do the rest for you. Triller’s video editing tools enable trim and cut the videos, apply more than 50 filters or even draw over the videos.

The app also offers powerful collaboration features. But Triller does not have any community aspect, it is only a video editing platform. The app’s in-built file sharing options allow the videos to be shared among other social media platforms.

5. Likee

If you are a movie enthusiast, then the app is for you. Likee offers various dialogues materials and a Music Magic filter that changes the music volume. These are the reasons why more and more people are resorting to Likee to produce high quality videos.

Likee community is a great community to meet like minded people who have the same taste in music. Just like other alternatives, the app allows cross sharing to other social media platforms.

Each app mentioned above provides high quality video editing options. Do comment and let us know which you are using to create your videos.