Maintaining and increasing customer base and sales is vital for any small business owner. In a truly global society, you are competing against local retailers in addition to national and international companies, some of which are massive and offer services and prices you may not. However, you can still set yourself apart and gain market share.

Technological Solutions

Applications, such as the Virtual Assistant Business App, can help you increase your efficiency and improve your communication with your current and prospective clients. For example, this application reminds you about texts, voicemails and phone calls. These apps use AI to automate tasks, such as FAQ responses. Your efficiency and increased communication with your clients increase their satisfaction and loyalty to your company.

Promote Communication

Communication is vital to business success. Not only should you be promoting your brand and products, but you should encourage your customer to communicate with your company. Your customers have important information about your target market that you need. Therefore, ask them questions about their needs and wants, and make sure you aren’t the one doing all the talking.

Surveys are great tools for understanding customer needs, but don’t be afraid to ask them questions while you have them on the phone. Seek information that may seem irrelevant but that helps you get to know your customer better. Also, ask how they use or will use your product and what features they most appreciate. Learn how your customers view your products and services.

Build Relationships

Don’t be solely focused on sales, especially if you seek long-term loyalty and return sales. Instead, focus on building relationships. People like to feel connected and valued. You shouldn’t only speak with them when you are selling them something or for the sole purpose of selling your products or services to them. Instead, build rapport and friendships with your clients. Make them feel like they are important as more than just another sale.

Relationships are based on knowing likes, dislikes and interests. Learn about their needs and wants, including their challenges. As you spend time building your relationships, you build trust between you and your clients. This trust leads to sales. In addition, if something goes wrong with a sale, this trust will encourage your client to discuss their issues with you and work on a resolution without first spreading negative information across their social media and networks.

Focus on Adding Value

Whether you are selling a product to millions of people or trying to make a business deal, you should focus on adding value. For example, follow up with additional information, ask for feedback and offer discounts or free gifts. If you are working on a B2B deal, consider offering market statistics or tips and tricks that increase revenue. For those selling products, consider providing tips for product usage or saving money.

Adding value includes doing what other businesses and people won’t do. For example, be available to your clients, even outside business hours. Work hard. Be willing to do things you don’t want to do. You may need to sacrifice your personal goals, desires and needs as you build your business, but your dedication will lead to future sales and loyal customers.

Ensure Integrity in Your Business

Operate with integrity at all times. Avoid trying to convince your clients that your products will meet their needs if they will not. A sale is only valuable if it leads to future sales. If your customers get your products home and they don’t do what you promised, you not only lost those customers but every person they talk to about their experiences. Tell the truth at all times.

Integrity also requires that you believe in what you are selling. Would you purchase it? How much would you pay? Your customers and prospective customers can tell if you are trying to sell something you don’t believe in.

When you operate with integrity, your clients are happy, and your company also benefits from a positive reputation, which will attract positive attention and new customers who want to work with a good company.

You can stand apart from your competition and build your customer base and sales by operating with integrity, building relationships, adding value, promoting open communication and taking advantage of technological tools.