When this pandemic has attracted everyone’s life, people have to do many tasks at home for ensuring both themselves and their families’ safety. As students can only attend online lessons and fulfill their study missions at home, some will find that they gain much anxiety and fail to perform well while studying alone. So today, this review will offer you some helpful tips on releasing your stress and anxiety, so that you can bring more efficiency to your remote study at home. Now, please continue reading for getting these them!

1. Go Outside Carefully

Even you have to follow social distancing rules and could not go to public areas frequently, you can hang out wandering around in your neighborhood with your mask on. Staying indoors for a long time would feel depressed because you can only face the cold walls all the time. So why not take a little bit of time for having a walk out of your home for stretching your body and taking a deep breath? The fresh air and warm sunshine can always heal people’s minds and calm you down. You would get more energetic after taking a walk and can concentrate on your study better. But as the pandemic has not gone yet, make sure you are following the regulations for protecting yourself from getting infected.

2. Relax Yourself with Funny Video Content

Instead of keeping your attention on studying for a whole day but facing low productivity, why not slow down and relax for a while? You can search for some interesting movies, funny TV shows, or anime episodes for enjoying online. Through laughing, you can express your anxiety and depression out. On the largest video streaming platform, YouTube, you can easily access these resources and have a high-quality playback.

Also, if you worry that the poor network condition would make your playback experience to be annoying, you can try a reliable video downloader, such as VideoHunter (especially professional in YouTube video downloading), to download such videos in high resolutions for offline playback. By relaxing yourself with funny video content, you can release your pressure and anxiety gained from studying at home, and bring entertainment as well as study at a good balance.

3. Balance Your Study and Life

Because you are bringing your study zone back home for a long day, so it seems that your bedroom has also become your classroom for absorbing knowledge from professors. This makes your relaxing zone mixed up with the studying zone, so you need to find a better balance between life and study. You can plan your schedule more flexibly, and insert some breaks as well as entertaining time for relaxing yourself. Having a good balance between life and study can help you release pressure and regain energy as well as concentration when it comes to studying time. Remember that no matter how heavy your study missions are, you still have to take a rest for relaxing your brain. Otherwise, you won’t get high efficiency in your studying process.

4. Express Your Emotions

When you feel over anxious or depressed, and you fail to balance your negative emotions properly, don’t keep them in mind and find somebody you trust to talk with. You can turn to your family, best friends, or tutors for help by telling them how you feel, and invite them to offer you some suggestions to overcome. If you don’t want to spread negative feelings to others, you can write them down by keeping a diary or editing a blog online. Anyway, you can try to write down your feelings and make yourself realize how you are feeling. You can suddenly become less stressed when you find out what are the exact reasons that bring your anxiety. Through this way, you may figure out ways to overcome them.

5. Do Simple Activities

Another great way to release stress and keep your mind calm down is to do some exercises. By moving your body and getting sweaty, you can clear your mind and boost the metabolism of your body. In this way, you can keep both your mind fresh again and your physical health is also ensured. Instead of sitting down for a long day and keeping eyes on the computer screen for studying, doing some simple activities can bring your physical and mental health to a balanced state, in that you can be energetic in studying again.

6. Make Targets for Yourself

Instead of studying aimlessly, you can make every study mission to be targeted. So you can figure out some aims and set little targets for yourself to push you forward. Even some simple ones like finishing reading a book, completing the review of a subject, etc. can make you feel a sense of achievement. By setting targets for your studying process, you have less chance to get yourself into confusion because you have clearer minds now. The target is a great push to you and it can also bring up your efficiency as well as productivity.

7. Stay Positive Towards the Future

Even we are not sure when the pandemic would end and we can return to campus for having lessons as we used to be, we should believe that this day will surely come. By staying away from negative news and keep positive minds towards the future, we can regain confidence in doing our best to preparing to embrace normal life again. So currently, keeping calm and doing whatever you should do for preparing for that day to come is the best way to stimulate you to move forward. All efforts you make will bring success to you soon!

So when you feel anxious while studying at home, try these tips to see if they can help you to release stress. But during this tough period, keeping yourself safe and both your mental as well as a physical state in good condition is important. Hope you can achieve good results even you have to undertake the remote study pattern!