The Google ranking factors for the websites are more than two hundred in number, and it is no secret that Google is the most used search engine on the internet. It is even better than the famous search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

More than 5 billion searches take place on Google every single day, and it is enough to make you realize how competitive it is to make your content ranked on the search results of Google. But Search Engine Optimization exists, and it is continually changing. Sometimes it gets a bit too much, and it is not easy to keep up with all the constant changes that are taking place in the world of SEO.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 SEO ranking factors in 2021 for better rankings. So keep on leading to find out more information below about SEO service.

 1. Quality Content

The first and the essential thing that you should keep in mind is that content is the real king when ranking your website or web page on Google. The content that you upload on your website should be fresh and unique, and make sure that there is no plagiarism.

Only then Google will rank your content higher on the search engine page results. Special attention will be paid to the quality of content you are putting out there on your website, and it does not matter how well optimized your website is. If the content that you are uploading on your website is not legal needs, then you cannot expect a higher ranking on the search engine page results on Google.

 2. Backlinks

Backlinks are the second vital thing when it comes to the Google ranking factors online. There is a critical component of the algorithm system of Google’s ranking, and this is how Google crawlers will find your website for indexing. Content and backlinks work together because if a web page is without a backlink, it will not get any organic traffic.

Backlinks are also called inbound links, and if you manage to get backlinks from a higher authority website, then you will be able to boost the chances of your website for higher ranking on Google. When you acquire these links, then it will be equal and to sending a signal to Google that the content on your website is reliable.

 3. Search Intent

Search Intent is an important ranking factor because it is what the users are looking for. Search intent differs based on format and style.

 4. Loading Speed

For improving the Google ranking factors, you also need to focus on improving the loading speed of your website.

 5. Mobile Friendly

If you make your website more responsive, then you will be able to boost the rankings of your website on Google.

 6. Domain Authority

Domain authority is a ranking metric that will display the expertise of your site about a specific topic. If the domain authority is higher than the chances of ranking on Google is high.

 7. Keywords Optimization

If your website contains the right keywords that are being searched widely, then there is a higher chance of your web page to rank on Google.

 8. Web Structure

The website structure enables Google crawlers to find your website and its pages.

 9. Web Security

A Google ranking factor is website security. This is done by ensuring that your website is available on HTTPS.

10. User Experience

The overall experience of the user on your website is the most important Google ranking factor. Google measures by using an artificial intelligence program that is called Rank Brain.