When social media platforms first launched, everyone was aiming to increase their follower count. Although it is an important factor in standing out on your social media platform, it was realized later that the views are at least as important as it. Therefore, services for buying Instagram views emerged.

There are many platforms available where you can buy Instagram video views. These platforms allow you to purchase a certain number of views for your Instagram posts and videos letting you increase your visibility and boost your reach.

Here is the list of sites that sell Instagram views. Let’s dive in!

1394TA – Buy Instagram Views with Instant Delivery

Here is the 1394TA at the top of our list. If you are looking to increase engagement and your social presence on Instagram with a high-quality service, 1394TA is the best solution for you. It provides authentic Instagram views from real Instagram accounts and ensures that you are noticed.

Thanks to real Instagram users you will acquire top-notch views for your Instagram videos. You will be surprised how fast these high-quality views are delivered. 1394TA provides its users with prompt delivery just within minutes.

This website has been created with a high level of expertise in the area of Instagram engagement. Therefore, it will operate in a manner that is efficient and does not raise any suspicion from the platform itself. This also implies that the website has a high level of understanding of the Instagram guidelines and will strive to comply with those guidelines to avoid the possibility of being blocked or restricted.

The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist at any time. Secure delivery and payment options ensure a seamless journey to expand your social media presence.


This website is another social media services provider where you can purchase more Instagram views from. It is possible to purchase fifty thousand Instagram views from them, which is a huge amount. As a result, you may encounter some problems during delivery.

It promises its customers that they can expect results within 8 hours of purchasing their services. However, maybe because of the size of the Instagram views packages and the low quality of service, it is never heard of them being able to do this. Therefore, if you want to increase your views rapidly, you should not consider ordering from this website.

You can also experience other services like to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers and have the same excellent service.


This site is the other platform that can help you out with your Instagram needs. It is among the services that let you buy Instagram likes, views, and followers for your profile, so you do not have to worry about fake accounts or bots.

Plus, it only gives you high-quality followers and views, they say. However, it is observed that the view count decreases because the authenticity of the accounts is questionable. Therefore, purchased Instagram views from this site will provide you with Instagram account growth but it will be doubtful whether the accounts are real or fake.

Social Viral

If you are looking for someone to help you get Instagram viral, this is the place to go for some people. It offers a variety of packages that allow users to purchase Instagram views at a discounted rate, as well as likes, saved, and followers.

Furthermore, it provides automated engagement that spreads through content within seconds of posting, making it a choice for potential Instagram growth.

With this site, you can be confident that you will receive real views sourced organically and will help you increase your Instagram’s reach and engagement.


All of its services are sourced from organic sources, including Instagram views, likes, and followers. As they claim. But there are some reviews that claim the opposite. As a result, your profile authenticity is not compromised. All that is provided is growth and audience engagement, at competitive prices.

It does not require passwords or sensitive information when buying Instagram or story views.


This is the next website on our list, and it is one of the most well-known sites. The company is eager to aid businesses and social media influencers in expanding their presence on Instagram. With its offers, you can know that you are in good hands.

It is an Instagram marketing website that offers Instagram services in both single-use and weekly orders. The difference between these two order types is that one-time orders are for getting views at a certain time.


It is a website that specializes in the purchase of Instagram views. Similar to its name, they offer services that enable users to become popular on Instagram. Their expertise in the Instagram algorithm allows them to provide views in a manner that maximizes traffic.

In addition to Instagram, it also offers services to a variety of other social media platforms. This demonstrates the company’s long-standing experience, providing a greater foundation for trust. Furthermore, the company offers customer service and expedited delivery systems. The majority of its views are of good quality, which will offer efficient growth for your business.


If you are searching for ways to purchase Instagram views in packages that will make your video step forward to the competition, then you have come to the right place. You can find some innovative solutions that make them trustable among other service providers of Instagram views. It is the creative approach that this site implements that distinguishes them from many other providers.

You can purchase Instagram views, likes, and followers. However, these services will not be reflected in your Instagram account randomly. You can choose your target audience by distinguishing between gender and geographic location.


It is a widely used website for purchasing Instagram views. This website is utilized by the majority of users on Instagram to increase engagement quickly and efficiently. This website will provide you with highly authentic views.

They acquire these views from real users’ profiles, who will likely be interested in viewing your reel and Instagram video simultaneously which results in an increase in your Instagram engagement.


This site provides services for Instagram, including views, likes, followers, and more. Additionally, users can purchase services from other online media networks, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

Unlike other platforms, it does not rely on fake followers and engagement, instead providing users with 100% authenticity. This indicates that the platform has a strong base of users who are directed to the user’s profile to demonstrate genuine Instagram views. There is a wide range of bundle options available at varying prices, so it is recommended that users visit the website to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Why Worry About Instagram View Counts?

If you care about your Instagram presence, you should worry about your Instagram view count. The way to help you grow on Instagram depends on how many views you get. The Instagram algorithm indicates that the more your Instagram videos are viewed, the more your Instagram profile will be visible. Therefore, for your Instagram account to grow, it is important to put emphasis on your views.

Why is Buying Instagram Views Important?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, boasting over 300 million monthly active users. It is a platform where users engage with one another on a social level, connecting, finding others, and developing their own interests through their own accounts or those of others.

Instagram is a must-have social media platform if you want to increase your following and engagement through social media marketing strategy. Quality Instagram views are essential for success, and if you are not receiving the attention you are looking for, it is important to buy Instagram views.

How Many Views Can I Purchase at a Time?

There are no exact numbers when you are purchasing views. It depends on the package you buy and differ from site to site. However, whether you are a small business or a large company, you can always find packages that meet your requirements. These view packages may include small numbers or huge amounts. It is all up to you and your budget.

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Is It Safe to Trust a Site to Buy Instagram Views from?

Yes, it is safe to trust the authenticity of the listed sites from which you buy Instagram views. Since these sites are reputable, your Instagram account cannot be suspended. Instagram views are real, so you do not have to worry about spam, bots, or other issues.

Should I be Worried About My Account’s Privacy and Security?

No, you should not. All of the sites reviewed above that sell views are completely trustworthy. As stated in detail, these sites do not require an Instagram password or any of your personal information. They only need your Instagram accounts to get started and increase your views.