Tree Planting Organizations in India are dedicated to preserving the environment and combating ecological challenges. These organizations are at the forefront of afforestation initiatives, strategically planting trees across diverse landscapes, from bustling urban centres to remote rural regions. 

With a shared vision of a greener and healthier planet, they play a pivotal role in increasing green cover, mitigating climate change, and nurturing biodiversity. Through their tireless efforts, they inspire communities, raise environmental awareness, and contribute significantly to sustainable development goals, ensuring a more vibrant and sustainable future for India and the world.

Here are the Top 12 Tree Plantation Organizations in India:

1. Dera Sacha Sauda 

Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) and its devoted followers are at the forefront of environmental conservation, annually planting millions of trees across the globe as part of their commitment to Mother Nature. This monumental effort is especially significant on the occasion of the birthday of their spiritual leader, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, who inspires them to fulfil their environmental responsibilities.

DSS followers planted an astounding 7,38,530 trees on the 52nd birthday of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. These trees were distributed across various Indian states like Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and more. 

Notably, their environmental stewardship extends beyond India’s borders, with contributions in Canada, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and the Philippines.These eco-conscious followers select tree varieties carefully, considering soil conditions and local ecosystems. Examples of trees planted include neem, peepal, and banyan, each chosen for its suitability to different environments. 

DSS members not only plant but also nurture these saplings, providing essential care such as watering and manuring to ensure their healthy growth. This massive tree-planting initiative is part of a larger effort that has seen Dera Sacha Sauda establish three world records for tree plantation. 

Notably, until 2023 alone, DSS had planted millions of trees since initiating its Mega Tree Plantation Campaign in 2007. These records and the significant number of trees planted reflect the unwavering dedication of DSS and its followers to environmental conservation and their commitment to safeguarding our planet for future generations.

2. GreenYatra  

Green Yatra, a non-profit organization, embarked on its journey in 2008 with the Go Green Ganesha campaign, driven by concerns over the environmental impact of using PoP plastic for Ganesha statues during the Ganpathi festival. 

Recognizing the need for eco-friendly alternatives, founders Pradeep and Durgesh initiated this project, targeting schools, colleges, and housing communities. Its success led to the launch of Go Green Kids, an educational initiative to sensitize children about environmental protection.

Green Yatra’s commitment to combating pollution and supporting farmers through tree planting extended to rural areas. They adopted the innovative Miyawaki Dense Forestation method and scaled up tree planting efforts significantly. Their work connects urban communities with nature, emphasizing ecosystem rejuvenation and sustainable solutions to address the climate crisis.

Their vision encompasses a balanced ecosystem, efficient natural resource use, and a pollution-free Earth for present and future generations. Their mission revolves around raising awareness about environmental issues and empowering people to contribute to a sustainable and green world. 

Green Yatra’s dedication to reforestation initiatives, ecosystem restoration, and environmental conservation reflects its commitment to offsetting carbon emissions and creating a healthier, greener India. To date, this tree plantation organization has planted more than 10 million trees.

3. SayTrees

In response to Bangalore’s transformation from “The City of Gardens” into a bustling IT hub with diminishing greenery, a group of dedicated individuals, including software engineers and tree enthusiasts, united to form ‘SayTrees’.

This non-profit organization is committed to environmental conservation, particularly afforestation and forest restoration projects. Since its humble beginnings in 2007, SayTrees has evolved into a professionally managed group conducting over 50 tree plantation drives during the monsoon season.

SayTrees not only plants trees but also strives to raise awareness and involve the community in environmental preservation. They engage in research, education, sensitization, and advocacy efforts to underscore the significance of protecting the environment. 

With a vast volunteer base, including children, professionals, housewives, and retirees, SayTrees organises tree plantations and water conservation projects in various Indian cities. They focus on selecting suitable areas for plantation while ensuring local communities benefit from the initiative through fruits, flowers, and leaves.

SayTrees’ mission is to empower people to contribute to a healthier environment. They inspire citizens to dedicate their weekends to greening their cities, promoting climate action and fostering a community of tree enthusiasts. 

While they have made significant strides in Bangalore, their long-term plans involve expanding their tree plantation drives to more cities and engaging corporate teams to amplify their impact. SayTrees holds NGO status and relevant tax certificates, making it accessible for donations and support from both within and outside India. 

4. SiruThuli

Siruthuli, a people’s movement founded in 2003, is dedicated to environmental restoration in the Coimbatore region. With a focus on “Clean Kovai” and “Green Kovai,” the movement has achieved significant milestones: 30+ water bodies de-silted, Enhanced storage capacity by 8 million cubic meters, Creation of 750+ rainwater harvesting structures, and Planting of 0.7 million trees.

Notable initiatives include the rejuvenation of the Nandangarai stream, benefiting over 650 hectares of agricultural land, and the establishment of Kalam Vanam, with 85,000+ trees, within Anna University’s 140+ acre campus. 

The Noyyal Yatra, which saw 100,000 people walk 33 kilometres to revive the Noyyal River, reflects the growing momentum of the people’s movement to conserve water resources. Additionally, the Thoor Vaarum Thiruvizha, or Desilting Festival, witnessed Coimbatore residents working together for over six weeks to revive a 320-acre water body in the heart of the city.

Siruthuli’s mission focuses on five pillars: Water Watch, Green Guard, Waste Wise, Spread the Word, and Grow the Farmer, aiming to create a lasting positive impact on the environment through community-led collective efforts.

5. Forest Creators 

Forest Creators is on a mission to redefine development and afforestation, demonstrating that they can coexist harmoniously in today’s rapidly developing world. Their primary approach to achieving this mission is through the Miyawaki Method, which involves creating forests that are 100% organic, wild, fast-growing, and self-sustainable. Forest Creators envisions a world where nature is seamlessly integrated into everyday living and working spaces, eliminating the need to venture far for a natural connection.

Since their inception in 2014, Forest Creators has planted over a million trees through Miyawaki forests across India, influencing states, industries, and individuals to join their cause. They have set an ambitious goal of planting 100 crore (1 billion) trees by 2030 through their nonprofit foundation, Enviro Creators Foundation.

Some of their notable projects include the Harit Miyawaki Forest Project in Manekpur, Apollo Tyres’ environment initiative, the Unity Group’s project in Delhi’s Karol Bagh, and the Tata Group’s Green Diwali initiative.

Forest Creators actively contribute to environmental conservation, making tree plantation campaigns a key element of their sustainable development agenda. Their mission reflects a commitment to restoring the ecosystem and creating a better world for future generations. 

6. Dholakia Foundation 

The Dholakia Foundation, an environmental and social welfare organization based in India, is on a mission to save the environment and promote sustainable practices. They have already planted over 25 lakh (2.5 million) trees across various locations in India. Their efforts focus on environmental conservation, particularly tree planting, as a means to combat climate change and restore ecosystems. 

Some of their notable tree plantation initiatives include Vadodara: Planting 22,314 trees of various species, Rajkot: Planting 22,779 trees, including tamarind, jamun, neem, and more, Surat: Planting 14,832 trees, including apple, mango, coconut, and more, Navsari: Planting 22,580 trees, including tamarind, jamun, neem, and more, Gir Somnath: Planting 2,865 trees, including apple, mango, and coconut.

These efforts are part of their commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability, contributing to cleaner air, healthier soils, and increased biodiversity. The Dholakia Foundation is actively engaged in tree-planting campaigns and encourages others to join their mission to save trees and the environment for a sustainable future.

7. Save Green

Save Green is a proactive environmental organization based in Bangalore, India, committed to tree plantation and various conservation initiatives. They have successfully planted over 95,000 trees and engaged more than 4,000 volunteers in their mission. Save Green’s core focus areas include tree planting, recycling, and water refinement projects.

They aim to counteract the destruction of trees caused by infrastructure development and promote the importance of trees in providing oxygen and maintaining a healthy atmosphere. Save Green also undertakes activities like seed ball events, food donations, and lake rejuvenation to address various environmental and social issues.

Some of their achievements include removing hoardings that led to tree cutting, addressing illegal parking on footpaths, and taking action against illegal posters across Bangalore. With over 125 corporate partners, Save Green continues to make a significant impact on environmental conservation and sustainability. They invite individuals and organizations to join their tree plantation efforts and support their social activities.

8. Give Me Trees

Save Green, based in Bangalore, India, is a proactive environmental organization dedicated to tree planting and conservation initiatives. Their impressive track record includes planting over 95,000 trees and engaging over 4,000 volunteers in their cause. Save Green focuses on key areas such as tree planting, recycling, and water refinement projects.

Their mission is to counteract tree loss due to infrastructure development and raise awareness about the vital role of trees in providing oxygen and maintaining a healthy environment. Save Green also conducts various activities like seed ball events, food donations, and lake rejuvenation to tackle diverse environmental and social challenges.

Notably, they have successfully removed hoardings that contributed to tree cutting, addressed illegal parking on footpaths, and combated illegal posters in Bangalore. 

With the support of 125+ corporate partners, Save Green continues to have a significant impact on environmental conservation and sustainability. They encourage both individuals and organizations to participate in their tree-planting campaigns and endorse their social initiatives.

9. Aahwahan

Aahwahan is a dedicated advocate for environmentalism, embracing the principle of giving back more to Mother Nature than taking. Their commitment to tree plantation drives is a driving force in their mission. They view planting trees as a sacred act akin to giving life. While they focus on uplifting society, they recognize that neglecting Mother Nature would be a grave oversight.

They emphasize the benefits of trees, including increased oxygen, temperature regulation, and ecosystem development. Aahwahan aligns with the idea of “We, the people, for the planet,” and believes that every sapling they plant contributes positively to the ecosystem.

Their efforts are supported by research indicating that greenery enhances well-being and creates healthier communities. They have already planted over 6,825 trees, actively promoting a green revolution that not only improves societies but enriches the planet one tree at a time. 

Aahwahan invites others to join their initiative, emphasizing the satisfaction of planting a tree and making a significant contribution to both society and the planet.In essence, Aahwahan embodies environmentalism, contributing to carbon offsetting, ecosystem restoration, and forest regeneration through their tree planting endeavours.

10. Grow Billion Trees

Aahwahan is an organization deeply committed to both societal well-being and environmental preservation. They prioritize tree planting as a means of giving back to Mother Nature, viewing it as a sacred act akin to giving life. 

Recognizing the interconnectedness of society and nature, Aahwahan advocates for environmental responsibility alongside their efforts to better society. They emphasize the myriad benefits of trees, such as oxygen production, temperature regulation, and ecosystem development. 

Aahwahan’s green revolution has already seen the planting of over 1.8 million trees, earning them national and international recognition. They encourage others to join their initiative, highlighting the profound satisfaction of planting a tree and contributing to a healthier planet.

Multiple tree-planting initiatives are underway across various Indian cities, including Satara, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore. These projects aim to combat deforestation and promote afforestation in both urban and agricultural settings. 

While each project has specific goals, such as planting 750,000 trees in Satara and creating urban forests with goals ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 trees in several cities, the progress varies, with some having planted only a few trees so far.These efforts collectively contribute to environmental conservation and the mitigation of climate change by increasing green cover and supporting agroforestry practices.

11. One Step Toward Peace 

One Step Towards Peace (OSTP) is a prominent afforestation welfare society (NGO) based in Gurgaon, India, dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through various environmental initiatives. 

They are registered under the Haryana Society Act and UNEP, with a mission to combat global warming, reduce carbon footprints, and execute reforestation programs. OSTP aims to plant 500,000 saplings by June 5, 2025, boasting an active membership of 587+ volunteers. 

Their core activities include tree planting, urban biodiversity conservation, water bodies restoration, sustainable solutions, and environmental research and awareness. OSTP envisions a balanced ecosystem, sustainable resource use, and a pollution-free planet for current and future generations, emphasizing collective efforts to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

12.  GrowTrees

As a social enterprise, Grow-Trees offers a unique service called Greet with Trees. Our Greet with Trees service allows individuals and companies to celebrate special occasions online by planting trees on behalf of their family members or employees. We provide an eco-friendly gift solution that includes planting and greeting trees. 

Not only do we protect the environment, but we also provide employment opportunities for the villagers living around the plantation site. Grow-Tree is an Official Partner of the United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) Billion Tree Campaign and WWF’s Cities for Forest Campaign. The organization is responsible for the plantation of over 18 million trees which is a couple million short of their goal to plant more than 21 million trees.

What is the importance of tree plantation? 

Tree plantation is of utmost importance for environmental well-being. It is a powerful tool in combating deforestation, enhancing air quality by releasing oxygen, preventing soil erosion, and fostering biodiversity. 

These efforts also aid in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. Tree Planting Organizations play a pivotal role in these endeavours, contributing significantly to the preservation and enhancement of the Earth’s environment, making our planet greener and healthier.

Final Word

In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, these Tree Plantation Organizations in India are leading the way. Their commitment to tree plantation, environmental awareness, and ecosystem restoration is not only making a difference locally but also contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. As they continue to plant trees and inspire communities, they play an indispensable role in safeguarding the Earth’s environment for generations to come.