From trying out Tailwind to watermarking with SocialPilot, here are 16 answers to the question, “What are the most helpful Pinterest tools/hacks that businesses should use and why?”

  • Try Tailwind
  • Check Pinterest Analytics
  • Invest in Paid Promotion
  • Include “New” in Your Overlay Texts
  • Hold a Pinterest Competition
  • Auto-Publish Through RSS Feeds
  • Repost Viral Content
  • Read the Yearly “Pinterest Predicts”
  • Use Pinterest Ads Manager 
  • Work With Rich Pins
  • Join Group Boards
  • Take Advantage of Free Widgets 
  • Share Infographics 
  • Track With Mentionlytics
  • Curate Content With PinPinterest
  • Watermark Your Images With SocialPilot

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Try Tailwind

Tailwind helps manage, schedule, and optimize all of your pins. It also provides metrics on pins, so that you can track the performance and make sure your content is reaching its intended audience. 

Tailwind also helps identify trends in what people are interested in, which can be invaluable for businesses trying to stay ahead of the curve with their marketing strategy. Last, Tailwind provides detailed analytics and insights into how your pins are performing, so you can make sure that you are making the most of your Pinterest presence.

Amira Irfan, Founder & CEO, A Self Guru

Check Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics allows businesses to track the performance of their Pinterest account and pins, as well as understand the demographics of their audience and the content that performs best. 

This information can help businesses tailor their content strategy and improve the reach and engagement of their pins. In addition, Pinterest Analytics provides data on how users interact with a business’s website after clicking on a pin, which can be helpful in understanding the effectiveness of Pinterest as a referral source.

Johannes Larsson, Founder & CEO

Invest in Paid Promotion

While it may tempt you to try to “hack” your way to free traffic on Pinterest by using sketchy tactics or mass posting, it’s just not going to work like it used to with the competition on the platform, and it’s difficult to get your content noticed among all the other pins that users are seeing in their feeds.

It is best to focus on creating high-quality content and using paid promotion options to drive traffic on Pinterest, rather than trying to hack your way to free traffic. This can help you build a strong and sustainable presence on the platform and drive long-term success for your business. 

Overall, the CPMs can be much more affordable for prospecting and retargeting compared to other social media platforms. Pinterest offers a variety of paid promotion options, such as promoted pins and Pinterest Ads, that can help to increase the visibility of your content and reach a larger audience.

Brian Hawkins, Marketing Manager, GhostBed

Include “New” in Your Overlay Texts

Businesses should include the word “new” in their pins as a way of increasing audience engagement and conversions. Research shows that pins that have the word “new” in their text overlays are nine times more likely to be noticed and remembered by the target audience. Greater awareness and recollection of the product can deliver up to 40% more conversions, both online and offline. Hence, if you’re launching a new product or announcing improved features, be sure to include the word in the pin’s text overlay.

Andrew Cussens, Owner & Director, FilmFolk

Hold a Pinterest Competition

A lot of new leads for your company might come through carefully thought-out contests! Simply follow the rules, avoid “pin to win” competitions (Pinterest despises those), and avoid claiming that Pinterest is co-sponsoring the contest. That practically begs to be taken offline. 

Use only the red and white logo if you decide to use Pinterest’s advertising on your contest pins. Any modification to it could cause a ban. Ask someone who does to help you if you have questions about how to organize a Pinterest contest. There are many experts available that can support this. You’ll have to pay for the advice, but it’s an expense you should be prepared to make given the possibility of obtaining thousands of new leads for your company.

Leonidas Sfyris, CTO, Need A Fixer

Auto-Publish Through RSS Feeds

Auto-publishing allows businesses to easily connect their RSS feeds to their established Pinterest business accounts and automatically create Pins from posted content on their website. 

This streamlines keeping customers up-to-date and informed about company news, updates, and products. As a bonus, we usually see Pins created by this process more often than manually created Pins because of Auto-Publish increasing post visibility. Auto-publishing enables companies to increase their reach and engagement with minimal effort.

Benjamin Okyere, Data Engineer, Stress Reliever

Repost Viral Content

Reposting your business’s viral content on Pinterest is excellent for gaining new followers on the platform and branding better overall. Reposting reaffirms the popularity a piece of content had on a different social media platform and encourages the same individuals there to like it on Pinterest. This builds brand awareness across multiple platforms and solidifies the content as uniquely yours.

Annu Daniel, CEO, Elohim Company

Read the Yearly “Pinterest Predicts”

Every year, Pinterest releases a report predicting what people will look forward to in 2023. It uses AI to analyze data from the platform, such as user searches, pins, and clicks, to predict what users will be interested in and what will trend in the future. Therefore, businesses should definitely use this data for future planning, as it is literally coming from potential users/customers.

Daniel Gjokaj, CEO, Tolt

Use Pinterest Ads Manager 

Pinterest Ads Manager is a really powerful tool that allows you to create and manage ads on Pinterest, and track their performance in real-time. It’s important for businesses to use Pinterest Ads Manager because Pinterest is such a visual platform, so it gives them a unique opportunity to connect with their customers and potential customers through visual content. Pinterest Ads Manager is a great tool that businesses should definitely use to help them generate more leads and increase their sales.

Dov Breuer, COO, Fixlers

Work With Rich Pins

Rich Pins are a great Pinterest tool businesses should use because they provide more details and context to their pins. With Rich Pins, businesses can include information like product details, pricing, availability, and more. This helps potential customers get the most out of their Pin while also helping them make informed purchasing decisions. 

Additionally, Rich Pins make it easier for businesses to track the performance of their pins, as well as track customer engagement. This helps businesses make informed decisions about their marketing efforts on Pinterest and optimize their content accordingly. All in all, Rich Pins are a great tool that businesses should take advantage of.

Matt Teifke, CEO, Teifke Real Estate

Join Group Boards

Joining group boards is an easy and effective way to attract a new audience to your website and expand your reach on Pinterest. Group boards are where many users contribute to the same board by pinning their unique and related content. With many influential users in one space, group boards can bring many new followers to a business by associating with other like-minded brands and content.

Dakota Mcdaniels, Chief Product Officer, Pluto

Take Advantage of Free Widgets 

One of the best free tools Pinterest offers businesses is its widgets. The five widgets allow companies to combine their Pinterest presence and website. For instance, the “Pin It” button allows customers to pin things directly from your website. You can add a “Follow” button to the bottom of your website that allows customers to follow you directly on Pinterest. 

The platform also offers a Pin, Profile, and Board widget, so you can display your top pins and boards front and center. Every business should utilize these free widgets to increase their Pinterest followers.

Harry DiFrancesco, CEO, Carda Health

Share Infographics 

Pinterest is all about images, which can lead some industries to eschew it. But that’s a big mistake from a promotional standpoint because Pinterest images are often some of the highest-ranked results in Google. The key to making Pinterest work for any industry? Infographics. 

Combining images and text is the way to communicate in 2023. Consider your business’s focus. Could you make a series of easy-to-follow tutorials? A list of tips to help amateurs navigate your software? Overlaying instructions or information on an eye-catching backdrop can pull in customers you never expected.

Tim Walsh, Founder, Vetted

Track With Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics, a social media analytics tool, can be used for keyword research and monitoring. It provides customer insights by locating references across multiple webs and websites based on user-defined keywords. It can also locate brand mentions online and to analyze competitors for quick engagement. This statistics tool also functions with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, besides Pinterest. 

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it assists small to large businesses, agencies, and individuals from all over the world in discovering marketing leads and business prospects in their specialized market. The application is easy to use, has a fantastic user interface, and customer support responds promptly. The most recent and effective element of Mentionlytics is its A.I. Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA). SIA offers more insightful analysis and tailored guidance that improves web and social presence while saving time and effort.

Eva Tian, Growth Strategy Manager, Mynd

Curate Content With PinPinterest is a great tool for businesses because it helps them to maximize their visibility and engagement on the platform. By using PinPinterest, businesses can create an organized library of images and content that helps promote their brand. 

This allows businesses to curate content in such a way that it will be easily discoverable by potential customers who may find it interesting and relevant. Additionally, PinPinterest allows businesses to easily track the performance of their content, helping them to better understand what kind of content works best for their audience and where they should focus their time and resources in order to maximize engagement. Over time, this will help businesses to further hone their message and develop a strategy for successful Pinterest marketing.

Ryan Delk, CEO, Primer

Watermark Your Images With SocialPilot 

SocialPilot is a helpful tool that makes maintaining Pinterest brand accounts and campaigns faster and easier than ever. You can quickly edit images using their image-editing tool or quickly add a brand logo watermark to your images with a single click, rather than taking the time to do it manually. 

You’ll build a quick brand association in the user’s mind and leave a clear “calling card,” even if other users re-pin your images without linking to your site or Pinterest account. We can also manage and bulk-schedule content across multiple social media channels so that all our campaigns sync with Pinterest.

Tory Gray, CEO & Founder, The Gray Dot Company