The average office worker generates 10,000 sheets of paper per year. What can you do to reduce this? It is costing your company serious money and unwanted junk mail, board reports, and meeting notes often end up in landfill

Why not try reducing printed documents by introducing some paperless office solutions into your workplace. Less paper means less waste and is also kinder for the environment.

Read on to learn the best ways to ditch the paper and use paperless options to increase your business’s efficiency.

1. Scan and Save All Archives

Avoid unnecessary paper archives and wasted storage space by scanning and saving all important historical archives for the business. Once complete, the originals can be destroyed. Often, we tend to hang on to documents that are no longer needed, so try doing a spring clean to streamline the process, and then save electronic copies of everything important.

Create a filing system that is easy to understand, such as by topic or date, so that all staff can search for and find the documents as needed.

2. Switch to Digital Payslips

HR can be a large source of paper generation in an office. One easy way to cut down is to issue payslips digitally to all staff. Use a paystub generator to create payslips and then securely email to each employee on payday.

Your HR department can also save on paper by using electronic filing systems for all employee data, including leave balances, training records, and performance reviews.

3. Use A Cloud-Based Storage System

Cloud-based storage systems are perfect for company storage. Each department or team can have their own folders, along with individuals. Some of the best paperless software products for storage include Dropbox, IDrive, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

4. Sign Documents With eForms

Using electronic forms is a great way to save on paper use. Consider embedding forms on your internet or intranet that can be completed online and then submitted.

For important documents that require signatures, such as contracts, consider a tool like DocuSign. It’s a secure and easy way to both send and request signatures, which is done electronically.

The completed forms can then be saved and stored as PDFs, without ever needing to be printed.

5. Utilize Dual Monitors for Staff

A major reason that workers print out documents is so they can read something in front of them while also using it for reference while working on their computer monitors. One way to assist with this is by offering staff two computer monitors, especially if they are doing a lot of complex data work.

With two screens, they can see the data on one, while working on the other.

Incorporate These Paperless Office Solutions Today

With these paperless office solutions, you can now try some new techniques to bring your office into the modern era. Paperless offices allow your company to save money, reduce clutter, and become more environmentally friendly, so consider giving a try.

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