Everyone needs to market their product or service to generate more revenue and profits. And the majority of users are available online only as our world is shrinking on the tablet, laptop, or mobile phone’s screen. The best way to be found on the internet is to be on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bind, Yahoo Search, etc. 

There is only two way be to on the first page of any search engine. First is paid promotions (PPC), and second is Search Engine Optimization. Let’s find out the Top 5 reasons why you need SEO for your business website: 

Increase PPC quality score with better SEO strategy 

It is crucial to have a good PPC Quality score as it directly drives from the content on your website. SEO Strategy includes making pages on your site with various keywords related to your product and service. Aligning text and advertisement messages with the content of your website. Also, Diverting the traffic to the relevant product or service page on your website. Improving the quality score of your website can marginally reduce your cost per click for paid campaigns and enhance the performance of your PPC advertisements. 

Expansion of market access

More than 70% of total searches tend to click on the first page of the search engine result page. Hence, having the presence of your website on the first page is crucial. Otherwise, you will be missing out on the big chunk of traffic to your site. You must invest in your SEO strategy to get the best result from this unique marketing method of search engine results. 

SEO boosts the effectiveness of marketing efforts 

With a better position on the search engine result page, the effectiveness of other marketing activities like PPC campaign increases. By having good SEO ranking and pay per click campaign together, traffic can increase by 50%. Brand awareness can increase with retargeting and SEO combined. If you have well-performing keywords from your SEO Campaign, you can use them to see if your PPC campaign performance improves. 

SEO can increase offline footfall

More than 50% of mobile searches are conducted for local businesses to find their timings, location, and services. You must keep your local listing up-to-date. You must remain consistent in listing the business information such as opening and closing time, hours of Operations, Phone Numbers, Services, etc. All these pieces of information increase the chance for a local user to visit your business and become your client. 

SEO can help you stand out in competition

There are about ten organic listings, three map listing, and six paid positions on any first page of Search engine Result Page. If you plan your strategy to have one organic listing, one map listing, and one paid position, you are increasing the chances of getting the traffic on your website. At the same time, you are decreasing the probability of searcher to click on your competitor’s website. When you occupy the maximum space on the first page with your multiple listings through the map, PPC, and SEO, the likelihood enhances for getting more traffic on your website. 

A great SEO strategy is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy, and one should plan it in such a way that it gives the maximum result with not online increasing the marketing spends but preparing it accurately. Getting visibility in high Competition of online marketing is an art, and knowing the right medium to do so effectively is a science. And once should know how to make a correct combination of the same. SEO in Atlanta can help with more SEO and online marketing related strategies.