According to the 2018 Avondale, AZ Economic Development Overview, 50 percent of growth in Maricopa County will occur in the West Valley over the next 25 years.

Avondale’s developing business sector is drawing business travelers as the city grows, and the tourism industry is responding.

“It’s normal, traditional business travel and I think that’s reflective of the new businesses that are locating here in Avondale and the southwest valley that’s creating some of that market demand,” said Dan Davis, City of Avondale economic development director.

He explained that Avondale’s proximity to attractions, including Spring Training facilities and ISM Raceway, also play a role in the growing tourism.

“With our hospitality development or just people coming here, we’ve got about six hotels that are currently in some form or under construction or getting ready for construction. So, we’re going to be adding well over 600 new hotel rooms in that hospitality sector,” Davis said.

Earlier this year, the first My Place Hotel in Arizona broke ground in Avondale. The four-story hotel will include 63 units and is set to open early 2020.

“A lot of growth indicates that there will be an increase in demand for long term business. We also think it is such a great destination that all the ways we have seen people change the way they travel they will change their trips to include both business and leisure,” said Ngoc Thac, My Place Hotels director of public relations.

The My Place Hotel in Avondale is approximately six miles from ISM Raceway, which will host the 2020 NASCAR National Championship.

“I think an event like that would make us expect thousands of people would come to book and stay with us. An influx of a few thousand people at least. We’d expect the hotel to be full with people from all over given NASCAR’s global reach, which again is a huge impact,” Thac said.

Davis said the City of Avondale is working with ISM Raceway to plan the ways in which “we’re going to highlight all the great things that are going on here in Avondale and make it an experience for [fans]. It’s an opportunity to let us shine and talk about the benefits of Avondale.”

According to the Office of the Governor Doug Ducey, ISM Raceway has an annual economic impact of $425 million in Arizona.

The raceway also hosts the annual Spring NASCAR TicketGuardian 500 Weekend in March. In 2020, it will take place March 6 through 8.

As the business community and tourism grow, Avondale will continue to see an increase in jobs.

“It’s providing great opportunities for our residents to gain employment here in the southwest valley. It keeps them closer to home,” Davis said. “A lot of times we’re exporting our workforce out of the area and they’re going across the Valley.”


This story was originally published at Chamber Business News.