August 6, 2018

Dani Henion


5 times a chartered bus is necessary for businesses

When coordinating business trips and events away from the office, it’s important for business leaders to utilize the resources and services that will allow their team to execute best. For executives, that means ensuring everything–from transportation to presentation materials–is secured and ready to go.

Luckily, figuring out the best transportation for your corporate team is a lot easier than you may imagine. While smaller teams may be able to get by with rideshare apps or public transit, larger groups are best suited for transportation via charter bus or minibus.

Are you having a hard time deciding if your team needs to charter a bus for its upcoming excursion? Below we’ve compiled a list of scenarios in which executive leaders should consider booking a charter bus.

1. You Have a Lot of Passengers

When you have a large corporate team, you need a solution that can accommodate everyone, from entry-level staffers to corporate executives. Regardless of how big your group may be, your charter bus rental provider can scale their solutions to your needs.

Corporate teams for smaller businesses may find comfort in booking an 18-passenger or 25-passenger minibus, while the largest corporate teams will find the most value in booking one or several 56-passenger charter buses. Motorcoaches of these sizes allow your team to spread out and relax during a long distance trip, instead of being cramped in a small sedan, airplane seat, or train cabin.

2. You’re Traveling a Long Distance

Long-distance journeys prove to be more economical and comfortable when you book a private motorcoach. Because you may be traveling hundreds of miles to your destination, a charter bus could total less in overall cost per employee than buying plane tickets for everyone on staff.

Charter buses are also better designed for long-distance trips than cars or public transit because of their array of safety and comfort features. Plush reclining seats, on-board restrooms, and climate-controlled cabins are all premium bus features that make a long-distance journey more comfortable for your team.

3. You Want a Luxury Traveling Experience

When you’re transporting high-level executives and potential clients, you want to ensure that they’re getting the most enjoyable transportation experience possible. While public transportation and cars may be able to handle the quantity of passengers present, they often lack the amenities and features required to maximize the riding experience. Private charter buses, minibuses, and sprinters are often constructed with a number of luxury features that are tailored to your passengers’ needs, such as WiFi, reclining seats, restrooms, DVD players, televisions, luggage bays, and power outlets. These features allow your passengers to ride in maximum comfort, especially if they’re traveling longer distances.

4. You Need to Transport a Lot of Luggage and Supplies

Typically when you’re traveling on a business trip, there are a number of important items you must bring that will help your team execute. Whether your staff is attending a business meeting, a presentation, a convention, a trade show, or anything in between, a private motorcoach comes equipped with a bunch of space to store your team’s items.

Overhead storage bins and luggage bays found beneath the bus give your team the freedom to pack as many bags and supplies as they need, which is a far cry from the luggage limitations that public transit, taxis, and airplanes place on their passengers.

5. You Have Many Destinations

If your team is booked to make a number of stops during a short period of time, a private motorcoach is the perfect option for getting around. Because your driver is your personal concierge, they’re required to visit as many destinations as you like, for as long as you require, at no additional charge.

Your driver will wait outside your location while you conduct any meetings, presentations, meals, or excursions included on your itinerary. Because you have the option to book your bus for a few hours or up to several days, you’re free to decide where your driver will take you, as well as the duration of the trip.

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