Working in any industry comes with a risk in terms of health and safety. However, some industries carry more risk than others, especially the transportation industry. Freight transportation is an extremely relevant sector as it enables goods to be moved from one point to another. With that being said, if you happen to be in the freight industry, then you know that it can be one that’s lucrative as well. However, there are risks when it comes to safety, so it’s critical that you take note and apply the right safety tips. Keep reading to discover how to stay safe when working within the freight industry.

Get Enough Rest

If you’re carrying out a hands-on role within the freight industry such as transporting or loading and offloading goods, rest is essential. This is because it can be a physically and mentally tasking job, so you want to be sure that you’re well rested. Everyone has a different amount of sleep they need to feel alert during the day, so figure out what works best for you. Note that the average person is said to get around 6 hours of sleep, so see if that gives you the results you need.

Ensure You’re Healthy

It is critical that you’re regularly getting a checkup when working within the freight industry. This is because if you’re not healthy, it could affect how well you function and increase your risk at work every day. Book an appointment with your GP and discuss any concerns that you may have with them. If they miss something detrimental to your health that could leave long-lasting effects on your life, contact The Medical Negligence Experts to see if you can be compensated.

Drive Safely

For those who are driving from one point to another, ensure you’re applying road safety rules when you’re going. If you’re driving long hours especially, as mentioned above, get enough rest and remain alert on the road. Here are a few safety tips that you can consider when driving.

• Take Breaks: The first tip for safe driving is to take breaks. If you find that you’re extremely sleepy, find a safe place where you can pull over and rest. This is so important as if you don’t it’s possible to fall asleep on the wheel. You want to avoid driving while exhausted as it could create a serious risk.

• Eat Healthy Snacks: There are certain healthy snacks that can help you stay energised and alert, so consider eating them. Examples of such foods include bananas, berries, and yoghurt, nuts, or a moderate amount of caffeine. Avoid foods that could make you feel lethargic or sleepy on the wheel such as excess white bread or rice.

• Avoid Distractions: When on the road, try to avoid distractions while you’re driving as it could result in an accident. Some common distractions while driving are your phone, adjusting controls or zoning out. This could lead to you losing control on the road and getting into an accident.

Be Careful With Goods

If you’re in the business of loading and offloading goods, make sure that you’re as careful as possible. Your posture should be correct when lifting heavy items and avoid doing what’s beyond your capacity. Only attempt to move one item at a time, and when stacking things, make sure it’s done securely to avoid items falling.